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  • Reply to: Studies Show More People Shot to Death with ALEC/NRA “Stand Your Ground” Laws   9 hours 13 min ago

    Typical intellectually lazy Right Winger, don't like what I hear deny it and demand someone else research it. Then you can deny it with some Fox ignorance.

  • Reply to: Mad Cow USA   2 days 15 hours ago

    My husband's cousin died from this [confirmed diagnosis] 20 years ago. I find the comments about medical transmission very interesting as well. Disclaimers I have read for years state that MCD lives in the CNS and connective tissues of the cows.
    Well here's a little known fact for you: if you are having a bone graft : spinal ,jaw bone or otherwise, please note that the standard of care in the USA [at least in the sinus lift I needed] is a Bovine Collagen Sponge matrix infused with Bone Morphogenic Protein as a growth stimulant. If they tried to sterilize the sponge it would melt and the BMP is genetically modified in Hamster Cells[because hamsters & guinea pigs grow teeth non stop] This product is implanted inches from your brain [or spinal cord in back surgery] and has been shown to MIGRATE to a forming fetus, kidneys,& liver or ..... Long term European studies have shown it & calcium biphosphinate [heavily infused w/toxic doses of fluoride] products to grow bone slightly faster than cadaver bone [more expensive & highly sterilized] but also fails around five years so you get to do your expensive implants all over again. Not only a racket for the dentists but may expose you needlessly to bovine & hamster diseases. I went to Costa Rica & got better cheaper care with safer ingredients.

  • Reply to: The Gospel of Citizens United: In Hobby Lobby, Corporations Pray for the Right to Deny Workers Contraception   4 days 1 hour ago

    This is a very misleading article. Deliberately so? Hobby Lobby objected only to those mandated contraceptives that are believed to prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. And despite what HHS spins, it has not yet been proven with 100% certainty that they do not. If you believe that life begins at conception, then the government was forcing you to murder.

    "Reporting on spin and disinformation". Ha! What a joke.

  • Reply to: Koch Political Universe Vaster than Previously Known   4 days 14 hours ago

    The only difference between Koch donating millions to political causes and the unions donating millions is the Koch brothers give to republicans and the unions give to democrats.

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    While Koch industries give millions to repubs. The unions, wall street and trial lawyers give millions to the dems. In fact the unions have owned the dems for years. But that's OK becuz the liberal media loves the dems.


Bill Moyers presents "United States of ALEC," a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of -- ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.