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    They are intentionally ignorant and cannot in generally be educated. They are generally the kind of people who "do what needs to be done" for the interests of the wealth.

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    There is a place in this world for GMO foods. It is not the place that greedy and uncaring corporations would have it be though. Genetic modification for the sole purpose of profit is unacceptable. Any artificial genetic manipulation should be for a specific need, well researched, and well tested. The testing should be conducted with the entire environment in mind as well. We only have one world and we shouldn't be polluting it in any way. That includes genetic pollution.
    What I find frightening is the "shotgun approach" to the creation of genetically manipulated organisms. Create enough of them and one will certainly be profitable. But what are we creating in addition to that single desirable one?

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    I have known about this stuff for a while simply because I read alt media regularly. It still takes my breath away. This is fascism folks. (The political class gets together with the business class and decides how to run the show, in the interests of the rich and powerful corporations, while cutting out the people and telling them that as long as they have elections, then they have democracy.) This is mafia capitalism, aka neoliberal capitalism, at work. It's not what you know and do - merit - but who you know and what you do for them. And that means that you want to know those who you think have power and can protect and/or prosper you. While I do appreciate NBC's attention to this story, it's amusing to hear one of it's reporters tell the viewing public that if it weren't for them (NBC), then the viewers wouldn't know this stuff. Uh, No.

    Thank you Center For Media And Democracy/ PR Watch, again.

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    I am a Walmart associate. The pay hike is nothing but a ploy to try a fool the public.We here at Walmart treat our associates right... no not right.The promise of a raise was great news to us all until the truth comes out. Only new starts get a raise.. meaning the get the $9 an hour to start.. but (and there are many buts) do not get coached or talked to for anything or else your pay will never change. The long time associates that are caped at a pay stand off did get a 2% of their pay hike ( to my understanding) any associate that is not at a capped level got nothing.. notta. WE have one chance to increase our pay per year. Typically if you are a good drone you get 30 to 50 cents per hour not bad.. most figure I can keep building on that. Now! our 30 cents went to 18 cents, 40 cents went to 27 cents, 50 cents went to 32 cents.. I've been here 5 years now making 11.58 and thats with my 27 cent raise. How many years is going to take now to try and reach $13 an hour.. Its time to forget this company and look else where for true employment. The entire raise hype by Walmart is a scam.. not a good place to work at all.. Oh I work 3rd shift to make that 11.58 an hour.. I could go on.. no perks for newbies what so ever not even action time until after two years . If your are looking for a real job.. its not at Walmart they will work you like a mule. Training what training watch a day of videos and you should know everything. Open door? sure open it and you will see the door closed on you in a heart beat even if you are right. Like said if this is the model company the model is broken.