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    Our child is enrolled in Agora cyber charter public school in Pennsylvania. To follow the school procedure, we are required to to visit at least ten contractors' sites (to supplement curriculum, to fill out forms, to submit work for grading…) In order to access each contractor’s materials and resources, families must give consent or sign contract with the respective contractor.

    Some of these sites reserve unconditional, "world-wide, perpetual, royalty free and non-exclusive” rights to our information. Others, do not have a definite scope; what appears as lay language to us may have unlimited scope of use to these third-party vendors, private for-profit companies.

    Our consent would represent a waiver of our privacy laws protections, state and federal, including FERPA. This would allow the school contractors to use the info from the student education record, the content of all ongoing school submissions, reprimands, special needs ... and [using IP, names, DOB ... identifiers from the student records] to cross-reference and compile with non-school online activity, and info from the public domain FOR EACH ENROLLED STUDENT/FAMILY.

    Entitlement to education is a property right in Pennsylvania.

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    Correct, transit is included in expenses able to be paid by the Transportation Trust Fund. But the amendment prohibits the transfer of funds to any other fund for any other purpose (education, environmental cleanup, etc.) "unless the Governor declares a fiscal emergency by executive order and the General Assembly passes legislation by a supermajority vote approving a different use or a transfer of the funds":

    From the bill: "establish a Transportation Trust Fund to be used only for purposes relating to transportation except under certain circumstances; prohibiting the transfer of funds in the Transportation Trust Fund to the General Fund or a special fund of the State except under certain circumstances"

    And from the ballot question: "The Transportation Trust Fund is used to finance operating and capital expenses for highway, transit, aviation, port, and motor vehicle services and projects."

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    I cannot believe the democrats are stooping to GOP tactics!! Whoever these clowns are, they need a come to calling and in a very large way!! I am going to look these egregious "people" up and give them a what's what!! Please all do the same. It only takes a few minutes and is much more powerful than you can imagine!!

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    The monarch butterfly should have been designated the national insect decades ago.

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    "Wacky"'s not the adjective I'd employ to describe this hateful bastard, anymore than I'd label the state's response to the Ferguson protests as "screwy".

    Let's call him what he is

    A stone sociopath.