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  • Reply to: ALEC’s Extreme Legislative Agenda for 2014   1 day 23 hours ago

    Hello. The Patient Access and Expansion Act does not call for stopping the licensing and certifying of medical professionals. This statement is not accurate. Thank you.

  • Reply to: Top Six Facts in the Walker Dark Money Criminal Probe   2 days 7 hours ago

    this article is factually incorrect. Furthermore, the exact same activity Governor Walker and conservative groups are accused of is practiced by Democrats everyday. Barack Obama coordinates fundraiser with outside groups everyday. The hatchet organisation of the Democrat Party , One Wisconsin coordinated political attacks against sheriff Clarke with County executive Chris Abele. And Mary Burke has attended numerous fund raisers for third-party groups in seeking to replace Governor Walker. Yes what a castrophe it would be if political speech were to be upheld as a constitutional right. Oh the tragedy.

  • Reply to: Egg Land's Worst   3 days 5 min ago

    I will not eat any eggs unless they are raised humanely!!! Please stop the abuse please let them live!!! They are earning a chance at a decent living by supplying you goods dammit. Thank you to all who speak out for our living beings.

  • Reply to: Senate Tackles Citizens United As 2014 Spending Hits Record Highs   1 week 3 hours ago

    Does this bill include unions? Or is it a scam to eliminate other organizations, yet not limit unions? I worry that it will be determined, who participates in campaign financing, by the WRONG people, and not "we the people"!

  • Reply to: Paid Sick Days for Six Million Californians to Become Law   1 week 2 days ago

    Where is the real accountability here for the exclusion of 400,000 working women? Why show Brown's picture and praise him for signing a bill that provides "liberty and justice for" some? PR Watch, along with labor leader Butler, places the blame for that IHSS exclusion solely on the legislature for adding that amendment. Why did the the legislature do that to their own bill at the last, very last minute of the last day?

    That is the real story. Brown threatened not to sign it at all unless his amendment passed. His amendment!

    I expect a higher level of truth telling from a media organization that purports to correct misinformation and spin in the media. In this case, PR Watch has added to the spin.


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