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  • Reply to: Inmates Die in Droves After Governor Rick Scott Outsources Prison Healthcare   4 min 25 sec ago

    This is the tip of the iceberg with Rick Scott. He got away stealing billions through medicare fraud before being elected. He has turned a blind eye toward atrocities in the Florida Prison System that would make Abu Ghraib look tame and now we learn he is sacrificing human lives to enrich the share holders of a private health organization again. No doubt personal buddies from his past misadventures in health care for profit.

    As a director for Florida CURE, Inc. I personally handed a letter to Rep Corinne Brown asking her to put more pressure on the US Attorney to fully investigate and hopefully to get a court order to turn the Florida system over to the AG to run and sort out.

    Sadly people either don't hear about or don't care about this kind of problem. Aren't criminals expendable after all?

    If we keep electing the same people we keep getting the same results. ( sign our petition to halt profiting from prisoners and families )

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    Here We Go Again – DWP to Repeat the ATOS Disaster ?

    I’m sure I’m not alone in being totally unsurprised, albeit sick to my stomach at the latest revelation to be leaked from Tory proposals for Benefits, the drastic cutting of ESA; it appears that new claimants placed in WRAG will only receive 50 pence a week more than JSA. This has led me to wonder if this extreme reduction has anything to do with the increase in the number of people claiming out of work sickness or disability benefits?

    The fact the cut was ‘leaked’ on the same day, and to the same source as the claim, Maximus will be the company taking over the contract from ATOS, also leaves me unsurprised. I can imagine the key players from DWP and Maximus sitting around the table and plotting this decimation of ESA as a part of the contract. The key aim of Welfare Reform has always been to slash Benefits, irrespective of need, and now seemingly wants to privatise all out of work benefits; therefore given Maximus’ existing involvement in running the Work Programme, and the new Health and Work programme this pairing seems a perfect match.

    However when John Pring initially suggested, Maximus was the preferred bidder to replace ATOS, he also revealed the company’s “chilling” record of incompetence, discrimination and alleged fraud“. Thinking back to when ATOS was initially awarded the contract for WCAs, there were similar concerns around the unsuitability of ATOS, and we all know the outcome of that appointment.

    It appears the DWP have completely failed to learn from the ATOS debacle and is planning to enter into another disastrous contract with a seemingly corrupt company, all for Corporate Greed. Further the DWP seems to be continuing the rhetoric of blaming us being ill; refusing to acknowledge their attacks on poorest and most vulnerable people through both the continuing scapegoating and their discriminatory Policies, are in any way responsible.

    The ‘leaking’ of these two announcements today suggest the DWP are maintaining their insidious behaviour, softly ensuring their plans emerge into the public psyche in an attempt to build public support:

    ‘the poorest people are choosing the higher paying benefit to avoid looking for work, because they are lazy, the DWP are doing the majority a favour by stopping these idlers take the easy option, and are bringing in a company who will stamp this out’

    What can we can fight back against this? Johnny Void suggests we gather the information necessary to take Maximus out of the picture and I agree; but I also believe we need to demonstrate WHY sick and disable people need the extra money to survive, lets collect your stories that demonstrates precisely what we do with the difference between JSA and ESA, because if we don’t – We Will Lose it!

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    Why or how is it that the state gives more per student to private corporations than to public schools?

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    Why register to vote, which involves verifying your identity by the county election commission offices, if you end up having to have a photo I.D. at the poll stations? Why don't they start adding photos to the voter registration cards? It can be a much simpler process and those making it more difficult for people to vote know good and well the people who are being turned away are citizens in their voting districts. It's ridiculous . Whatever happened to common sense? People who have voted at the same polling stations and districts for years are being turned away by poll workers who know them but turn them away anyway. These voter restriction laws are nothing more than to restrict the voter turn out. The restrictions were imposed by right wing legislative bodies. Many voters who do happen to be of African American decent are being disenfranchised. There are too many scenarios where it has actually disenfranchised minorities, the elderly and college students. Some people take driving and having a bank account for granted and assume everyone else does. Just because someone doesn't drive or have a bank account doesn't mean they are not citizens who are registered to vote in their resident districts. Anyone who can't see the voter restriction laws passed all across the country by right wing legislative bodies are solely for the purpose of limiting voter turn out is clearly out of touch.

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    I don't ask for you to print this, but two days ago I found this:

    Just thought you would want to know.