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    You can't be serious about "In all my years, I've NEVER seen such disrespect" unless you were born yesterday. While George W. Bush was President not a day went by that he wasn't disrespected by liberals/democrats. Most of his major accomplishments were hardly mentioned by the liberal media.
    The first time I heard Pres. Obama speak I was very moved by all he had to say. He sounded like a man who wanted to make this country a better place for all. Well turns out he has great speech writers, but that's it, that's all he has. He has openly lied to us, and his lies are ignored by the media. His oath of office says he is to protect our borders-he doesn't. Health care we can all afford. So many of the newly insured are on medicaid. Try and find good doctors that take medicaid. If your not on medicaid, you probably pay 20 to 25 thousand dollars a year for a family of 4 with a 5 to 10 thousand dollar co-pay. Who has that kind of money? Not the majority of us. Some of us wanted to just purchase catastrophic health care and just pay for office visits etc.. Not allowed under the Obamacare. He plays golf minutes after he announces the beheading of our citizens. His "friend" dies in Benghazi, and the next day he is off to Los Vegas. Where the heck was he during that time that his "friend" was being killed? No one seems to know. But the lies about that night and why action was not taken to help his friend is still not questioned by dems. Guess if its not your dad, son, daughter you really don't give a damn, much like Hillary. I respect people who are honest, caring people, not people who lie, get caught in those lies, and then lie to cover up those lies. Obama likes disrespecting Supreme Court Judges, police, our military, our congress, and even news media that don't worship him, so I think the disrespect goes both ways. I have never seen, in my life time. a more disrespectful president.

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    I so agree with you, Greg Thoms. In my experience it is usually the people who do the least and don't participate in the union and are constantly complaining who are the first to run to the union when they need representation. It is not fair that a union should have to represent people who don't pay dues. It is very interesting that right wing organizations often have names that are the opposite of what they are really advocating for. Right to Work. Hmmmm--what it really does is increase poverty and unemployment, because there is no job security without union protection. The complete title should read, "Right to Work for the Lowest Possible Wage to be Determined by the Employer."

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    Just wanted to say that your comments are right on, Flo! Thanks!