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    So what !!! If Hillary can get away with it why can't everyone else !!!! These weren't even critical to national security.. So why should anyone care. OH !!! It's because he's a Republican.. Now I get it !! HYPOCRITES!!!!
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    the GOP in Wisconsin are destroying this state, They need to be voted out before we become Canadas Mexico
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    The Corruption Investigation and the Court The investigation in Wisconsin focused on the previously illegal art of coordination between so-called independent groups and the campaigns of political candidates. That bipartisan criminal investigation examined the funneling millions of dollars among groups whose activities were coordinated by Scott Walker's righthand man to aid the anti-recall campaign of the governor and several senators. But a majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court cut short the investigation. The Wisconsin Club for Growth and others in the investigation helped that majority get elected through ads and more. It issued an edict attempting to legalize such activities under our Constitution. And then the Wisconsin legislature, stacked with ALEC members and backed by the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity, changed state statutes to try to legalize activities like those Wisconsin Club for Growth was suspected of pursuing. These efforts attempt to keep the public in the dark
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    This man may seem successful, however his Tacoma Washington Facility fails to meet the PBNDS, and is considered on of the "best ICE facilities". ICE, a Governmental Agency who has hired out GEO for Illegal and Excessive restraint of non-criminals is also notorious for international Human Rights Violations. I would caution ANY future business with this man, as his Business Practices and Partners are untrustworthy at best. I will be Publishing MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this Man's "BUSINESS" for the United Nations to review, at Geneva. For now all I Caution is avoid this inhuman individual, his companies harms to me may drastically harm YOUR businesses/relations. ~ B.T. F.
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    I'm guess ALEC is the republic version of other for profit not-for profit charter programs. But both Hillary and president Obama have pushed for charter schools and laws to make it even more of a cash grab and joke. It has merit In principle that it should work and help improve grades. But it's taken advantage of. Saying its only Republicians supporting this one group (ALEC), or Koch family to push forward a right agenda is as naive and stupid. Hillary has been given donations by the same companies you list for this reason and others. She supports ESSA and charter school vouchers. She was booed at NEA. (Also I believe Koch and Exxon are biggest supporters of PBS? Could be wrong name sounds like I hear there a lot) So instead of picking the side of the aisle and party you like the best, try picking the right side of the issue! That way we all benefit. Also, I think the voucher program could work and do good. If applied with integrity and better mission.