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  • Reply to: How ALEC Helps Big Telecom Change State Laws for Corporate Gain   15 hours 43 min ago

    Should be illegal period.

  • Reply to: The National Restaurant Association Spends Big to Keep Wages Low   2 days 16 hours ago

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  • Reply to: Are Seniors Paying Attention to Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan?   3 days 11 hours ago

    Anyone that thinks turning over insurance coverage for 70 and 80+ year olds to for profit insurance companies for hospitalization coverage is naive. They will structure the plans to provide skimpy coverage with as many exclusions as they can, especially if the ACA consumer protections are lost if that legislation is repealed. Their for profit model will ensure that they will seek ways to either deny coverage when needed through pre-existing condition clauses or by throwing up red tape until the patient dies or gives up. There is no way any voucher plan would provide the same coverage that is now available under Medicare. Worse yet, the Republicans will be creating a two tiered system to garner support among current tea party seniors - who are secure in voting for gutting the program for future retirees as long as their benefits are left intact.

  • Reply to: Walmart’s Spin on Workers and Manufacturing Exposed   5 days 12 hours ago

    Thank you. CMD for publicizing Walmart's detrimental impact on their own workers, the community, small business, the environment and trade policies.

  • Reply to: FBI Tracks Charter Schools   6 days 4 hours ago

    It's about time! These charter school frauds have been occurring in every state and no one seemed to care. Now, it seems that someone does. Good!


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