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    This is another reason why we need to have limits on what a company and individual can contribute to a campaign or a political party.

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    This is really scary-this group against workers was formed back in 1955. How can anyone besides people such as the koch brothers believe this crap or support it? When is there going to be an uprising of the people? We need to educate people to what is going on if they have their heads in the sand and also get people to the polls! We need to have organizing campaigns to GROW labor unions. Workers deserve a voice at the table and to be treated fairly. Any regular person that is in favor of so called rtw-why do they think it is ok to benefit from an organization but not pay their fair share? Like paying taxes, club memberships, etc., duh! I live in WI & we took multiple financial blows bc of act 10. Now this 4 years later. Nasty, Mean republicans who are corporate whores. Now scotty wants to sell off state parks to corporations after taking state funding away. He's dismantling the dnr-that's just crap he wants to do as of this week. I really wish I could move to MN for instance. Never felt like moving until all this sh**.

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    The man, I do not consider him a representative of the people, Mr. Walker is a walking and talking despicable, deplorable condition of errata let to long on the loose. His demonstrable idiocy, carelessness, corruption as well as his plain and simple mismanagement and outright lying are all reasons for impeachment. I suggest we all go and bring back the circus. I can help with the pizza, as I did before. If not now when? I mean the creature is standing high in the polls for Rethuglican residential candidates. Of course, if we make him look good it would be nice to let the Rethuglicans run a assjack whose malapropisms will provide endless comedic loops. I guess it is a mixed bag of considerations after all.

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    I was tired ... of the fee increases, tired of not being able to access my money when I needed to, tired of my funds being used to fund lavish executive vacations and the acquisition of failing assets, check out this article

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    It is a troubling time for United States. We the people are under attack from within. The enemy is aloof, cunning and powerful. The enemy is Corporate America and our own Government. I include the government because they are in debt to the corporations who fund their political campaigns. We may be the voters but we don't pay the extraordinary expense of a campaign for a politician to obtain a high government position. The Corporations know they can get what they want by donating huge amounts of money to these campaigns and by spending millions of dollars on lobbyists to push the legislation that will benefit the Corporations and hurt the average American worker.
    The "Right to Work" legislation was conceived by Corporations intent on weakening and destroying the unions in this country. Any legislator voting in favor of this legislation is a "Corporate Pawn". If the Corporations and the government succeed at destroying the unions there will be no one left to fight for our fair labor rights.
    Without Unions, our wages, our health care, our pensions, our paid time off, our safe working conditions, our right to a forty hour work week and many other benefits will slowly but surely decline and eventually disappear.
    Unions are not the problem. Union people are not the problem. Corporations and our Government are the problem, their greed is the problem, their thirst for power is the problem.
    The American people want nothing more than a modest living. They don't mind hard work and are the backbone of the Corporation's success. Unfortunately many Corporations have lost sight of that fact. The executives in charge of these Corporations don't care about the working class. They don't care if their workers and the worker's family have a roof over their heads, they don't care if workers have health care, safe working conditions, a retirement plan, they don't care if the workers have time off to spend with their families or even if they have food on the table.
    Many people across the country have been deceived in to believing that the "Right to Work" legislation is meant to help non union workers when in fact it is meant to weaken the unions so that there will be no one left to fight for worker's rights. Unions fight for a decent way of life not just for union members but for all working class people.
    Why would a corporation ask their employees to take benefit concessions or pay cuts when their profits are increasing year after year. In the name of "Competitiveness". What are they competing for? It's all about greed, they want more money and power at the expense of their employees. Instead of or as well as new innovative ideas to increase their profits they want to reach into the pockets of the less fortunate to fund their own bank accounts. Corporation Leaders are nothing more than thieves and bullies. Why else would they want to take from the working class when their company is making increased profits year after year? They want to take from the hard working people and their families so that they can add to their own extravagant life style. They already have more wealth than they or their family could ever need but they continue to steal from the people that have given so much of their life to the Corporation already.
    Any person, organization or government official who is pushing for "Right to Work" legislation is nothing more than a corporate pawn hell bent on weakening and eventually destroying unions and what unions stand for.
    Maybe it's time for the unions to author a bill that would ban "Right to Work" legislation and any special interest groups that seek to weaken or take away people's ability to organize as a collective bargaining unit.