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  • Reply to: 5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice   3 months 2 weeks ago
    Public Schools are a disgrace to Education and anybody who doesn't know that are either blind, stupid, and or never been to a public politically correct public school! If a parent is smart and cares about their children and are honest about it would NEVER send their child to a public school! That's a FACT! Correction**** Public schools are a disgrace to education. Anybody who doesn't know that is blind, stupid, and/or has never been to a politically correct public school! If a parent is smart and cares about their children and is honest about it, they would never send their children to a public school. That's a fact! I have sixth grade students who write better than you just did, and are at a public school with 85% free and reduced lunch students. Grow up and actually walk into a school. Come see my classroom in action. Then and only then will I value your opinion!!!! I am unsure of what a politically correct public school is, when you find one please let me know.
  • Reply to: Pruitt Emails Reveal Communications with ALEC and Koch Groups   3 months 2 weeks ago
    Article IV, Section 4, of the US Constitution "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, . . ." Legislation mills like ALEC would seem to undermine the "Guarantee Clause" of the US Constitution.
  • Reply to: Greenpeace Responds to National Review Piece by Richard Garneau of Resolute Forest Products   3 months 2 weeks ago
    "We’re willing to sit down with Resolute’s executives to make a plan to get there, something which we have consistently asked for in our campaign." How is pulling out of the Boreal Forest Agreement consistent with this statement? Resolute was at the table with Greenpeace, and Greenpeace left. Greenpeace will sit down with Resolute only so long as it is happy with what Resolute does. When Greenpeace is unhappy with what Resolute does, it leaves the table and launches a war. Looks like it's Greenpeace that wants the war... Good luck with it.
  • Reply to: Paul Ryan Is Fundraising Off Healthcare While Working to Kill It For Millions   3 months 3 weeks ago
    First of all, if what you are saying is true (it's not) then there is a pretty simple solution, give the tax money you give to social security back, and put that money towards your retirement. Second, you are wrong, Social Security is absolutely funded by debt, there is a massive imbalance in how much is taken vs how much is given. Medicare is also a cash sink, when you have an entire industry fixing prices, then the tax payer gets ripped off if the government doesn't address that before the implementation of medicare. Also, you aren't entitled to other people's money anyway, so your argument is null.
  • Reply to: Scott Pruitt: Trump's Pick for EPA   4 months 2 days ago
    In my opinion, this piece is missing some very vital information, such as why Scott Pruitt is a valid candidate for the job. In today's day an age, if you look hard enough, you can find something negative about almost anybody. It seems as if the media is so critical of those in charge, that they look over their competence. This is not a strategy proven to be very fruitful and is something that needs to change. We, as a country, need to come together to excel as a nation. Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders said it best, "There is going to be a coach you like sometimes, and there are going to be coaches you don't like, but we have to come together to be successful." If we as a nation can come together, all of the drama in the media will wither away. The success of the nation today is what is important.