Posted by The PRW Staff on May 21, 2015

A lobbyist and a legislator got caught on tape explaining how corporations subsidize lawmakers' resort trips through ALEC, the corporate bill mill.

Posted by Jonas Persson on May 20, 2015

If the evaluation of charter school applications is deeply flawed, the oversight of the $3.3 billion disbursed by the federal government to expand charter schools is not much better.

Posted by Mary Bottari on May 18, 2015

Another scathing audit of Walker's privatized Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

Posted by Jonas Persson on May 15, 2015

CMD's review of documents from the U.S. Department of Education sheds new light on the deep flaws in the design, implementation and oversight of the federal charter schools program.

Posted by Jonas Persson on May 13, 2015

CMD's review of grant documents shows that lack of democratic oversight is a boon rather than a burden if you want to receive money from the federal charter schools program.

Posted by Jonas Persson on May 12, 2015

CMD’s review reveals that the federal government has spent a staggering sum, $3.3 billion, of taxpayer money creating and expanding the charter school industry over the past two decades, but it has done so without requiring the most basic transparency in who ultimately receives the funds and what those tax dollars are being used for,

Posted by Jonas Persson on May 11, 2015

New emails reveal that the instructions to scrap the Wisconsin Idea from the UW Mission Statement originated with Walker’s Chief of Staff Eric Schutt, who was copied at least twice on the final language.

Posted by Mary Bottari on May 06, 2015

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ entrance into the race for the White House will bring a refreshing clarity to candidates’ positions on the critical economic issues of our day.

Posted by Brendan Fischer on May 01, 2015

Two career prosecutors--one a Republican, one a Democrat--just called Scott Walker a liar, and not a single national newspaper took notice.

Posted by Jonas Persson on April 28, 2015

Presidential hopefuls have been outbidding themselves in touting school vouchers but racial integration was never part of the original design, which was cooked up out of hostility for public schools and first used evade desegregation.


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