Divide-and-Conquer Walker Thinks Equal Pay Is Divisive

Scott Walker is taking heat for claiming that supporting equal pay for women "pit[s] one group of Americans versus another." In Jamelle Bouie's view, "If any candidate could run a rigid campaign of polarization—aimed at winning as many white voters as possible—it’s Walker."

Scott Walker Whistles Dixie

It is a sad spectacle to see WI Governor Scott Walker taking money from the president of the "Council of Conservative Citizens,” a white supremacist group that grew out of the White Citizens Councils and is credited with radicalizing the man who massacred nine parishioners in the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC.

Unprecedented School Voucher Expansion Planned

At a time when other states are reinvesting in public education, Wisconsin continues to slash and burn. The Wisconsin Budget Project says that the state is now spending $1,014 less per public school student than it did in 2008 and more funds are slated to be siphoned off as Governor Scott Walker's budget proposes an unprecedented voucher expansion...

WageCrushers.org Tracks the Groups against Family-Supporting Jobs

The Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of PRWatch.org and the award-winning ALECexposed.org, has created a new web resource devoted to exposing the corporations, trade associations, "think tanks," and front groups working against the creation of family-supporting jobs.

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ALEC is doing its damnedest to undermine the use of clean, renewable energy. [L]ook at the… ‘Electricity Freedom Act’… [W]ho doesn’t like freedom? But [it’s] an effort by the fossil fuel industry to curtail … Renewable Energy Standards….

--Bill Moyers

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