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  • Reply to: 5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice   1 month 2 weeks ago
    I completely agree with Jason. Education is constantly evolving, but that evolution should include parents. Allowing the government to over regulate, as they are now doing with the plethora of standardized tests our poor children receive. I honestly believe to bring American schools up from the bottom rankings we need to individulize our childrens education. Change the way the school day is organized, in Sweden the children go outdoors every hour. They have virtually no ADHD in their country. They also have only a max of 20 children per classroom and every room has an aid! This is some legislation we should strive for, lower classroom size! Not more exhaustive testing. We are wearing down our teachers and our children. Lets flip the script and support them! That is how we make the American educational system #1!
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    Many seniors I see at curves are completely unaware of what the republican congress wants to do to Medicare. They don't realize that if Medicare is privatized we will also lose our supplement to Medicare. We need to stand up to McConnell and Ryan and strongly refuse to accept this. They want to pay for a wall we don't need, with money saved by us not having healthcare. Wasting billions on a wall, is just one more foolish thing Trump wants to do.
  • Reply to: Charles Koch Ramps Up Higher Ed Funding to Fuel 'Talent Pipeline'   1 month 3 weeks ago
    The Kochs are buying entire departments at some schools so those depts. can turn out Koch ideology in the form of "research" that supports those Koch ideas, and only Koch ideas. That astroturf research can then be pointed to by free-market politicians, as noted. The Koch money at a university is able to get professors with opposing views fired, or so I've read several times. This is not as much about donating to a university as it's about creating astroturf where grassroots support is lacking. Ramping up the talent pool is the same talking point big business uses to denigrate both high schools and universities. "We can't find any qualified candidates to hire". They want to be able to use the visa system to bring in tech people and others whom they pay less than they'd have to pay qualified US tech professionals. The tech industry is notorious for the visa ploy. It saves them money, which means more in profit. Meanwhile, qualified US tech grads can't find good jobs!
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    Public education is the cornerstone of a democratic society. I concur that the current system of public education is sub-optimal. I also maintain that the alternatives I have observed are little better (sometimes), and frequently very poor for educational outcomes. I consider the views of this nominee to be extremist and dangerous, and frankly informed by someone who has little at stake beyond personal ideology. The opportunity to make a mediocre system much worse is clearly present, and I believe this a likely outcome if this nominee has her way. I have had four children attend public schools, I attended public schools, and my father was a public school teacher. I consider this a source of pride. I then attended public Universities, as have my children. In these public systems I was exposed to diversity of thought, social backgrounds, philosophies, religious training, morals and ethics. Diversity is crucial for a tolerant and healthy democracy. Such a democracy is our greatest goal.
  • Reply to: Wisconsin’s System Increasingly Rigged Against the Unemployed   1 month 3 weeks ago
    I voted for Walker. My husband works seasonal construction, and the start and end dates are up in the air year after year--this makes finding an off-season job that will hire him nearly impossible. He only claims benefits as long as he needs to, but this year they've tied up his claim and say they don't know when it will be resolved. This completely screws seasonal construction companies that have a difficult enough time finding good employees. Because of this, people not only don't want to take seasonal construction jobs in the first place, but if they do, they're unlikely to stay from one year to the next. The company does snow removal to supplement in the winter, but obviously without daily snowfall there's no way to guarantee work. When seasonal construction companies go out of business due to lack of a workforce, a good percentage of jobs will be lost. Where will those jobs be made up??