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  • Reply to: Scott Pruitt: Trump's Pick for EPA   1 month 2 days ago
    In my opinion, this piece is missing some very vital information, such as why Scott Pruitt is a valid candidate for the job. In today's day an age, if you look hard enough, you can find something negative about almost anybody. It seems as if the media is so critical of those in charge, that they look over their competence. This is not a strategy proven to be very fruitful and is something that needs to change. We, as a country, need to come together to excel as a nation. Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders said it best, "There is going to be a coach you like sometimes, and there are going to be coaches you don't like, but we have to come together to be successful." If we as a nation can come together, all of the drama in the media will wither away. The success of the nation today is what is important.
  • Reply to: Oklahoma AG Releases 7,564 Pages in Response to CMD Request   1 month 4 days ago
    Is there any evidence in the emails that Pruitt broke the law? Are there potential corruption charges?
  • Reply to: Paul Ryan Is Fundraising Off Healthcare While Working to Kill It For Millions   1 month 5 days ago
    The Koch's brothers have bought the state of Wisconsin they purchased Scott Walker and made sure he was elected as Governor and he has ruined the state public schools and destroyed the university's as far as money goes in the public schools the teacher's are having to buy the things they need for their class rooms or having to ask the parents and in Superior we have a lot of low or 1 parent families who don't have the money to buy school supplies so there are organizations that do donate them Ryan wants to eliminate low income lunches at the elementary level for kids and sometimes that is the only hot meal that get that day but he doesn't care and as far as the universaties go Walker cut a lot of funding so subjects were cut and attentence is down and With Trump and his new immigration laws who knows if the people from other country's will be able to come and go to the state universaties so please vote them out in 2018 along with Sean Duffy
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    I will continue until we win. government did borrow, they did! Here it goes again! Repeal the GPO for Widows and Widowers!! Don't forget the issues of educators and other state/federal retired individuals who are Widows or Widowers and how GPO affects them not receiving earned Social Security benefits that their spouses who passed worked very hard for lots of years!! It is not the same in all the states in the United States of America!! Very unfair practice of old laws!! This is the 21st Century!! This is not right! Widows especially women hurt on this! And many have worked & be a mom. This is not right! It also hurts deaf, blind & Down syndrome! **DON’T DEFUND SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE —both of these programs are funded 100% by tax deductions from paychecks and have ZERO to do with the national debt. Rich people do not understand poor seniors who do not have many
  • Reply to: Court Orders EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt to Release Emails   1 month 1 week ago
    I sure hope your organization is planning on making all of these emails public with a easy online search engine. The public should be able to review and examine for themselves what they say and what they mean for environmental policies in Oklahoma and at the EPA.