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  • Reply to: Betsy DeVos Ethics Report Reveals Ties to Student Debt Collection Firm   3 weeks 4 days ago
    How unusual that a debt collection company would receive complaints... Not... Devos is a billionaire. She has many investments, and a portfolio company that made a loan to a debt collection company that has a portion of their business collecting student loans probably flew under her radar. Let's hope she can fix the DoE - the public education system has continually declining results, while costs continue to escalate at over 6x the rate of inflation.
  • Reply to: Greenpeace Responds to National Review Piece by Richard Garneau of Resolute Forest Products   1 month 1 week ago
    According to Resolute's own webside, resolutevgreenpeace , Greenpeace's claims are these: "These alleged claims arise from, among other things, Greenpeace’s self-described “Resolute: Forest Destroyer” campaign falsely accusing Resolute of, among other things: (a) “destroying endangered forests,” and “operating and sourcing wood . . . in violation of law”; (b) causing the “destruction of endangered species” and “critical caribou habitat” and risking a “Caribou Herd Death Spiral,” “extirpation” and “extinction;” (c) “abandoning” and “impoverishing” the Boreal’s indigenous communities; and (d) impairing the Boreal’s ability to mitigate climate change." It's really hard to imagine ANY forestry company not guilty of claim (d); "imparing the Boreal's ability to mitigate climate change", even if they conduct forestry with the best of intentions. So Resolute objecting to that claim just makes them come across as incapable at assessing themselves critically.
  • Reply to: Greenpeace Responds to National Review Piece by Richard Garneau of Resolute Forest Products   1 month 1 week ago
    Given Greenpeace's penchant for encouraging its members to break laws across the world, "organised crime" seems a pretty good desctiption. And a lawsuit seems quite a good direct approach. GP running scared again? Good. Take them down.
  • Reply to: America's Inefficient and Ineffective Approach to Border Security   1 month 1 week ago
    The virtual fence is actually vary effective. The most notable is the virtual fence in south west Arizona. Along the Goldwater range it has shut down the border, no one can get through without being seen. Enforcement has been the problem. If DES is being told not to enforce the border it doesn't matter what kind of security you use. That was Napolitano's job, she stopped funding for the fence and tried to shutdown enforcement debate and authorization of any kind of fence. Her famous, "Show me a 50' wall I'll show you a 51' ladder." Show me a 51' ladder, I'll show you nearly 6 minutes to get security forces in place, and how are they going to get down from the top of that 50' wall without killing themselves that's almost three seconds of acceleration followed by a sudden stop.
  • Reply to: Fake "Handwriting" Boosts Junk Mail Open Rate   1 month 2 weeks ago

    This article was written six years ago, and now this "handwritten" junk mail is everywhere. As with all advertising tricks, these things are easy to spot once you've seen enough of them.