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News ArticleVoters Pass Economic Justice Measures Despite Corporate Opposition Alex Kotch01 week 6 days ago
News ArticleComing Up Short in Hunt for Voter Fraud, Desperate Republicans Try to Pay For Evidence Alex Kotch02 weeks 5 days ago
News ArticleCities and States Strengthen Clean Energy and Tax Oil in 2020 Ballot Measures Alex Kotch03 weeks 10 hours ago
News ArticleVoters Beware: The Right's Scheme to Disqualify Thousands of Swing-State Votes Alex Kotch01 month 5 hours ago
News ArticleRight-Wing Catholic Group Spends Millions Attacking Biden, a Catholic, as an Existential Threat Alex Kotch01 month 3 days ago
News ArticleGOP Politicians and Conservative Groups Set the Stage for Attempted Kidnapping of Michigan Governor Alex Kotch01 month 1 week ago
News ArticleKoch-Funded Legal Group Pushes to Allow Mass Evictions During Pandemic Alex Kotch01 month 2 weeks ago
News ArticleALEC Legislator Introduces Bill to Suppress the Vote in Ohio Alex Kotch11 month 3 weeks ago
News ArticleDelaware GOP Sticks with Senate Candidate Who Backs White Nationalist Group and QAnon Alex Kotch01 month 3 weeks ago
News ArticleMajor GOP Super PAC Goes All-In on QAnon-Friendly Candidate Lauren Boebert Alex Kotch01 month 3 weeks ago
News ArticleTrump Megadonors, Freedom Caucus, and CEOs Bankroll QAnon-Supporting, Extremist Candidates Alex Kotch01 month 4 weeks ago
News ArticleKoch Super PAC Touts GOP Senators' Support for "Junk" Insurance Plans Alex Kotch02 months 1 week ago
News ArticleAn All-Out Assault: GOP-Aligned Groups Attack Voting Rights From All Angles Alex Kotch02 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleCorporate Lobby Group Attacks Teachers' Unions in Call for Schools to Reopen Despite COVID-19 Risks Alex Kotch03 months 2 days ago
News ArticleConservative Plutocrats Pour Enormous Sums of Money into GOP Super PACs Alex Kotch03 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleFacing Increased Scrutiny, TikTok Gave Money to State Attorneys General Groups Alex Kotch03 months 3 weeks ago
News ArticleTrump Megadonor in Charge of U.S. Postal Service Poses Grave Threat to U.S. Elections Alex Kotch03 months 4 weeks ago
News ArticleFunding Hate: How Online Merchants and Payment Processors Aid White Nationalists Alex Kotch64 months 21 hours ago
News ArticleRight-Wing Groups Opposing State and Local Coronavirus Bailouts Take Millions in PPP Loans Alex Kotch04 months 3 weeks ago
News ArticleHate Groups Rake In PPP Loans as Racial Justice Movement Expands Alex Kotch04 months 3 weeks ago
News ArticleKoch-Backed Groups Fight to Block Ohio COVID-19 Bailouts, Despite Crushing Pandemic Deficits Alex Kotch05 months 3 days ago
News ArticleSecretive Right-Wing Nonprofit Plays Role in COVID-19 Organizing Alex Kotch35 months 1 week ago
News ArticleU.S. Election Assistance Commissioners Join Voter Suppression Group to Discourage Mail-In Voting Alex Kotch05 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleA Coalition of Pro-Trump Doctors Is Forming to Defend the President’s COVID-19 Blunders Alex Kotch06 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleRight-Wing Megadonors Are Financing Media Operations to Promote Their Ideologies Alex Kotch26 months 3 weeks ago