Fighting Terror with Comments on Arabic Blogs

"We just a few weeks ago, for the first time, engaged in Arabic on blogs," Karen Hughes, the U.S. Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy, told reporter Tara Copp. "We have what's called here a 'digital outreach team' ...


Shell and Edelman "Bring the Gasoline Experience Home"

The oil company Shell is working with the PR firm Edelman "in an effort to bring the gasoline experience home to consumers in a hands-on fashion." The wide-ranging campaign kicked off at the Daytona 500, with Shell-sponsored NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick.


Leaked Documents Spur Investigation into Lilly Drug Marketing

A U.S. federal court judge has extended an injunction banning groups in the U.S. from adding a weblink to leaked internal documents on Eli Lilly's schizophrenia and bipolar disorder drug, Zyprexa.


Google Books vs. Open Culture

Concerned at the implications of Google's attempt to build an online digital library, a splinter group called the Open Content Alliance has launched a not-for-profit effort to scan the collections of major libraries and make them available online. "You are talking about the fruits of our civilization and culture.

No A New Outlet for Citizen Journalists

Late last month, NewsTrust went live. This non-profit online news rating service aims to help people identify quality journalism - or "news you can trust." The project is led by Fabrice Florin, a former journalist and a digital media pioneer at Apple and Macromedia. The concept is simple -- NewsTrust members submit articles, then read and rate them based on key journalistic principles such as fairness, balance, evidence, context and importance.



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