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    It's like we say in Gainesville: Can't get into college? Go to FSU. -- esp
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    SEIU has also launched a website refuting the facts from ..
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    The interview with photographer Damir Sagolj was published in the Slovene weekly magazine Mladina last June and is available at The text is in Slovene; the caption was translated by me and was made available on Danny Schechter's news dissector weblog at the time. I am glad to see it surfacing now in a number of blogs, thereby contributing to a more truthful depiction of what actually happened. I had offered to translate the whole of the interview for Media Channel; Danny gave an initial enthusiastic response, but nothing ever came of it, which is a pity because it was a very good interview.
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    I realize this is just posted elsewhere on this site, but to benefit anyone who just happens to stumble onto this...
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    Before you use any image to uphold your political agenda, you should ALWAYS know its context. Ignorance is no excuse, it was stupid to use something that could be so potentially widely spread without knowing anything about the image.