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    I have a question for the people at this website: Would it be ethical for a our organization, Born-Again Democrats™, to use mailing lists developed by unscrupulous Republican direct-mail operators to prey on naïve church-going Americans? We want to use these lists to raise money for ourselves? I ask because, in our case, we would not be misleading these people with impractical – because patently unconstitutional -- proposals to get prayer in the schools, or the ten commandments on the court house walls, etc. Our goals, while culturally conservative, and though you may not agree with them, are perfectly legit. And our mission is clearly stated up front: we plan to recruit a new kind of Democratic candidate for Congress who can defeat Republicans in 2006 throughout red-state America. Another question. If it would be ethical to use such lists, can anyone tell us where or how we might get our hands on some of them? No doubt you will want to check us out. To avoid misunderstanding, you’re better off starting with the blog before moving on to our homepage and platform. Please don’t make snap judgments, and be prepared to think outside the box. Thanks, Luke Lea
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    Can anyone give me background information on the Annapolis Center for Science-Based Policy, and/or Harold M. Koenig its Chair and President? Many of us in Platte County, MO are fighting the building of a new coal-fired power plant in our area. The local town paper recently published a letter by Dr. Koenig touting the wonderful environmental benefits of coal-fired power plants. I'm doing research on this organization, and its funding and methods. Any solid information would be appreciated. Please email me at Thanks. Antoniomo
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    Shortly before his death, Roy Bamborough revealed how he had received a special settlement from Dow Canada in return for silence regarding the number of deaths in Dow's Canadian research labs.. an agreement that prevented 60 or so others from bringing suit re workplace negligence. His knowledge came from being department head...sorry..can't prove a thing...have to present this as unfounded rumour..from Roy himself.
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    Has anybody bothered to deconstruct Alex Avery's credentials? (Aside from being his father's son?) His bio on is pretty slim for a place that pulls out the stops like they do. I don't see ANY degrees whatsoever. His McKnight fellowship is as invisible as all the rest; a search at (or should I search Perdue?) did not turn up anything except a link to the McKnight foundation and their website had no hits on the term at all Anybody out there got the skinny on this?
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    I don't see the connotation as overly positive. It works for me.