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  • Reply to: The War of the Words   18 years 12 months ago
    Those who use the term "genital cutting" rather than "mutilation" clearly have no idea what they're talking about. Male circumcision (the removal of the foreskin) and female circumcision, which involves the removal of the entire clitoris and often all of the labia as well, are in no way equivalent. Females so mutilated are initiated into a lifetime of excruciating pain in urination, menstruation, intercourse, and childbirth. The procedure is carried out without anesthetic or sterilizing of instruments, so infection is a huge and sometimes fatal consequence. The procedure leaves its victim with no future possibility of sexual pleasure whatsoever, as the entire sexual organ is removed. If male circumcision involved removing the entire penis, then perhaps there might be an equivalence, but clearly it does not. Genital mutilation is the correct term.
  • Reply to: The Sleuths of Spin   19 years 1 week ago
    Confined Animal Feeding Operations have become a bio-hazard in the southern part of Idaho. After beginning my reading of "Mad Cow U.S.A." I began to panic, then I began to get into action against this diabolical collaboration between our 'citizen legislators' and the dairy/beef industry. I have helped form a little group to meet other groups to fight the growth of this deadly kinship. Thanks to you I have become the number one activist in our area and have been threatened by the Idaho Dairymen's Ass. and don't really care. I have a beat up car to take and that is all. I will give it to them gladly. It won't stop me and a few other dedicated peopl;e.
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    from Arianna Huffington's column today (2/23/05): "Now the Bushies are taking things to the next level. Not content to buy their press coverage retail, they are producing and distributing their own news network. And, no, I'm not talking about Fox. It's the Pentagon Channel, a 24/7 niche network brought to you by the Department of Defense. Started last year as an internal public relations unit within the Pentagon designed to keep U.S. soldiers and their families informed about all things military, the network is now expanding its reach to the general public. A number of cable systems, including Time Warner, already carry the Pentagon Channel--and the Dish Network will soon begin beaming the station to its more than 11 million viewers right alongside the half-dozen porn channels the satellite giant offers."
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    2/23/05 We were contacted in Sacramento by the SOA, as part of this tracking process. (Our tax dollars at work) Can someone send me a copy of the "Strategic Communications Campaign Plan" I'd like to reference it when Fr. Roy comes next week. peace, leisa
  • Reply to: "Jeff Gannon's" Incredible Access   19 years 1 week ago
    I wonder if Gannon as a Military Stud male Dominatorix Prosititute caused the bruises to President Bush when he claimed in 2002 that he had fallen off his sofa after choking on a pretzel. Gannon was seen in the Whitehouse during that time. I don't think the pretzel story is true. He certainly looks as though he was beaten. Seems hard to believe, but it's all hard to believe, and therefore the most extreme possibilities should not be overlooked. I think it's safe to say somebody in the White House was recieving some kind of military discipline from the man, that's what he was offering himself as. Bush has shown up to work with black eyes and scrapes on two occassions. What would anyone think of such a person in any ordinary work environment?