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News ArticleMarc Short: Koch Dark-Money Operative Is Trump's Liaison to Congress Richard Eskow03 hours 42 min ago
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SnapshotNew Video! ALEC Responds to NBC Investigation PRWatch Editors11 month 2 days ago
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News ArticleFederal Government Continues To Feed Charter School Beast Despite Auditor's Warning PRWatch Editors13 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleGot Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools PRWatch Editors53 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleScott Walker John Doe Document Leak: 10 Illuminating Emails PRWatch Editors14 months 16 hours ago
News ArticleCashing in on Kids: 172 ALEC Education Bills Push Privatization in 2015 Brendan Fischer04 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleCoveted Records Exemption Wrong for Wisconsin PRWatch Editors04 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleAnti-Transparency Agenda Hailed Inside ALEC PRWatch Editors24 months 3 weeks ago
News Article Uihlein Goes to Bat for Ron Johnson in Wisconsin Senate Race David Armiak05 months 3 days ago
News ArticleMeet George Zoley, America’s Highest Paid “Corrections Officer” PRWatch Editors25 months 1 week ago
News ArticleChildren Gardening in Sewage Sludge: Los Angeles Schools Alerted PRWatch Editors25 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleALEC 2016 Agenda Boosts Charters, Coal, and Other Corporate Funders Jessica Mason06 months 2 days ago
News ArticleALEC Exposed: Corporate Polluters Undermining Clean Power in Virginia PRWatch Editors07 months 1 day ago
News ArticleCMD Calls on ALEC to Disclose Information during Sunshine Week PRWatch Editors27 months 1 day ago
News ArticleThe Safety Violations Billion-Dollar Contractor BAE Systems Should Have to Disclose Mary Bottari07 months 1 day ago
News ArticleHoneywell's String of Dangerous Close Calls Doesn't Stop Flow of Taxpayer Dollars Mary Bottari07 months 1 day ago
News ArticleKoch-ALEC Right to Work Power Play Exposed in a Small Illinois Village PRWatch Editors07 months 4 days ago