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News ArticleSeema Verma: Trump’s Pick for Medicaid and Medicare Cashes In on "Reform" Mary Bottari02 months 1 week ago
News ArticleSecret Money Advocates Prepare to Unload on Milwaukee DA John Chisholm Mary Bottari52 months 2 weeks ago
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News ArticleHistoric Victory Against Hyper-Partisan Gerrymandering Emerges from Wisconsin Mary Bottari04 months 6 days ago
News ArticleOil and Gas Interests Spend Big to Make it Harder to Amend Colorado Constitution Mary Bottari04 months 1 week ago
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News ArticleTrump and Clinton Camps Engaging in Super PAC Coordination Says Watchdog Group David Armiak05 months 1 week ago
News ArticleVoter ID in Wisconsin, a Slow-Motion Train Wreck Mary Bottari05 months 1 week ago
News ArticleFailing Up to the Fed, A Reporters' Guide to the Paper Trail Surrounding Larry Summers Mary Bottari25 months 3 weeks ago