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News ArticleUPDATE Koch Candidates? Where Is the Koch Machine Spending in 2016 So Far Lisa Graves16 days 22 hours ago
News Article5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice Lisa Graves161 week 5 days ago
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News ArticleFred Thompson's Legacy Includes Giving the Kochs a Free Pass Lisa Graves03 weeks 5 days ago
News Article Exxon Illegally Funded ALEC Under Tillerson's Tenure, CMD Tells Committee Lisa Graves01 month 1 week ago
News ArticleKids Eating Rat Poison Is an "Acceptable Risk" for ALEC Brendan Fischer142 months 1 week ago
News ArticleRex Tillerson and Exxon Spent Big on Climate Change Denial while Misleading Public, Evidence Shows Lisa Graves02 months 1 week ago
News ArticleWI Senate Race Tightens with Flood of Last Minute Ads against Russ Feingold Lisa Graves03 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleKochs Invest in Corpus Christi City Council as New Refinery Is Built David Armiak23 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleThe Independent "Women's" Voice? Most Known Donors Are Men Lisa Graves04 months 22 hours ago
News ArticleThe Koch Connection in the Scott Walker John Doe Documents Lisa Graves04 months 5 days ago
News ArticleA CMD Special Report on ALEC's Funding and Spending Lisa Graves254 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleNew Grants Announced: ED Continues to Pour Millions into Charter School Black Hole Dustin Beilke14 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleExposed by CMD: KIPP's Efforts to Keep the Public in the Dark while Seeking Millions in Taxpayer Subsidies Lisa Graves65 months 2 weeks ago
PageWriters Lisa Graves05 months 3 weeks ago
News ArticleIndependent Women's Forum and Independent Women's Voice Use "Independent" Brand to Push Right-Wing Agenda to Women Voters Lisa Graves06 months 5 days ago
News ArticleChildren Gardening in Sewage Sludge: Los Angeles Schools Alerted PRWatch Editors26 months 2 weeks ago
News ArticleChambers of Commerce Exposed by CMD Lisa Graves06 months 4 weeks ago
News ArticleThe Koch Brothers: The Extremist Roots Run Deep Lisa Graves67 months 1 week ago
News ArticleLike His Dad, Charles Koch Was a Bircher (New Documents) Lisa Graves07 months 1 week ago
News ArticleHow DFER Leaders Channel Out-of-State Dark Money Lisa Graves27 months 3 weeks ago
News ArticleOhio Charter School Scandal Grows as Kasich Ascends National Stage Dustin Beilke68 months 19 hours ago
News ArticleCMD Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Prosecutors' Appeal in John Doe II Corruption Case Lisa Graves08 months 23 hours ago
News ArticleAnother Koch Criminal Justice Reform Trojan Horse: Reentry and Privatization Lisa Graves08 months 1 day ago