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Mainstream Media, MoveOn, Ignored Iraq Veterans' 'Winter Soldier' Investigation

Kelly Dougherty, the former sergeant who is the executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), announced on March 13th the start of the group's three-day Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan investigation into the United States' conduct of its wars, featuring testimony of scores of anti-war vet


Citizen-Driven Superdelegate Transparency Project Provides Best Superdelegate Reporting - Anywhere

The motley crew of citizen journalists, activists, bloggers and transparency advocates that make up the Superdelegate Transparency Project (STP) have produced the best, most transparent and highly detailed reporting on the Democratic superdelegates - anywhere. Through collaborative research with nearly 300 citizen journalists, the folks at DemConWatch, LiteraryOutpost, the HuffPost's OffTheBus project, OpenLeft and CMD's Congresspedia have produced a tally that rivals or bests those of the major media outlets. The STP even breaks the numbers down by state and congressional district with ever-expanding bios of hundreds of superdelegates AND we now have a wicked-cool live-updating widget.

Featured Participatory Project: Join Huffington Post Readers in More Superdelegate Muckraking on Congresspedia

Citizen journalism logoAs part of the ongoing collective research project on Congresspedia to track the "superdelegates" who may decide the Democratic nominee for president, our partners at the Huffington Post have enlisted hundreds of citizens to research some of the more obscure party officials in the ranks of the superdelegates.


Featured Participatory Project: References, Please

On SourceWatch, our online wiki about "the names behind the news," we try to encourage a referencing policy which ensures that every piece of information in each article can be verified by a link to an authoritative source for that information. However, sometimes these references get left out.


Barn Raising Day for Superdelegate Transparency

Citizen journalism logoSince the Superdelegate Transparency Project launched on Congresspedia last week, dozens of people have helped flesh out the facts about the so-called "superdelegates" whose votes may determine whether Hillary Clinton or


Featured Participatory Project: Tracking the Superdelegates in the Democratic Primary

Citizen journalism logoAs Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama run neck-and-neck in the Democratic primary, a "brokered" convention is possible where the Democratic delegates cut deals and shift sides to give one candidate the threshold they need to gain the party's nomination.


Featured Participatory Project: How Did Your Rep. Vote Last Week on Children's Health Care?

Last week, House Republicans once again defeated an attempt override Bush's veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) expansion bill. Democratic leaders had re-submitted their old bill but actually lost ground this time as three Democrats and two Republicans failed to show up for the vote.



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