Featured Participatory Project: Join Huffington Post Readers in More Superdelegate Muckraking on Congresspedia

Citizen journalism logoAs part of the ongoing collective research project on Congresspedia to track the "superdelegates" who may decide the Democratic nominee for president, our partners at the Huffington Post have enlisted hundreds of citizens to research some of the more obscure party officials in the ranks of the superdelegates.

Now we need YOU to help move this information into Congresspedia so that the public can know just who these people are that may be picking our next president. It only takes a minute and no experience - technical or political - is necessary.

It should also be noted that, unlike the superdelegate counts from the major news organizations, the Superdelegate Transparency Project is the only fully transparent, fully sourced count of superdelegates anywhere, and it's all due to the work of citizens like you. You can join this effort by taking a minute to help out with our current task of moving the information from the Huffington Post. There's full instructions and support at the project's "help out" page.