Congresspedia Teaming Up with

Starting this week, we at Congresspedia will be cross-posting from The site is a project of Sunlight friend and grantee Robert H. McElroy, and provides a rundown of the past week’s legislative activity in Congress (on weeks when one or both houses of Congress are in session). It is focused on summarizing the facts of legislation (without a partisan bias) in an effort to provide a user-friendly resource for citizens interested in keeping track of what their members are up to on Capitol Hill. While we will be posting bulleted summaries of the issues covered by the site each week on Congresspedia, we urge you to check out the full write-ups on McElroy’s site. The most recent release of (from last Friday) covered the following:

  • The House passed the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill intended to ease the process of unionization for workers.
  • The Senate will soon vote on a bill calling for the implementation of numerous security recommendations made by the 9/11 commission. A similar measure was passed by the House in January.
  • The House passed a bill directing the executive branch to review business transactions to determine their effect on national security. Such transactions would include potential mergers, acquisitions or takeovers which could result in foreign control of U.S. workers engaged in interstate commerce.
  • The House passed a bill which would create a federal office to "support cooperative endeavors between and among government agencies, for-profit business entities, academic institutions, and nonprofit entities of the US and its allies" for the purpose of developing better technologies to prevent and combat terrorism.
  • The House passed a bill providing grants to eligible public entities and Indian tribes for cleanup and economic development of environmentally-damaged sites.