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Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson

A case in point is the article on the founder of the Christian Coalition of America, Pat Robertson, who proposed in a broadcast on his 700 Club program that covert American agents should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability," Associated Press quoted Robertson stating. Over the last eighteen months a number of regular contributors have compiled a comprehensive listing of online news stories on Robertson spanning the last decade. Others have started profiles on the various organisations Robertson is involved in.

Meanwhile Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside George W. Bush's ranch has put a spotlight on the cost of the war in Iraq. In a column last week for O'Dwyer's PR Daily, Kevin McCauley, contrasted Sheehan's vigil in the Texas heat with Bush remaining "cocooned in Crawford, sticking to the script of appearing only before supporters and people in the Administration."

In the last week over eighty new articles have been started as well as numerous additions to existing pages.


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Might this be merely a red herring designed to take some of the heat off of George W. Bush at a critical time in his Presidency? Anyone who doesn't believe that our higher gas prices are not directly tied to our involvement in the Middle East is not thinking clearly. Taking some of the heat away from Bush and placing it on Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, would seem like the kind of "side-stepping" the Bush administration has been famous for.

I do not believe the elements that have transpired in South America are just coincidental or a Herring. Sorry Tanst- the huge oil reserves down there are proof enough. But with today's high oil price wars (whether you believe or not in peak), and the implication that Chevez's uppity socialistic, anti-(corporation) American(administration) attitude is pissing off the elite enough that many of our military are already getting ready take a senic tour of the Amazon. It's not <i>just</i> the oil-it's the possibility that Chevez's bucking the traditional IMF/World Bank policies and not playing ball, might make other neighboring countries start getting an attitude too. AJ

...the evidence at hand, especially recently, with the BBN Christian Radio Corporation canceling Focus on the Family, ( Rove had a good 'Christian' talk with James about some things), that Falwell, and <i>especially</i> Pat Robertson are very dangerous and seriously bought-and -paid- for Neo-con New American Century shills. AJ