Fake TV News: Contact Us

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Interview requests, questions and other correspondence related to this report should be directed to the Center for Media and Democracy: Phone: 608-260-9713 Email: editorATprwatch.org (replace AT with the symbol @) Mailing address: Center for Media and Democracy 409 East Main Street, Suite 100 Madison, WI 53703

Please cite this report as: Diane Farsetta and Daniel Price, "Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed," Center for Media and Democracy, April 6, 2006 < https://www.prwatch.org/fakenews/execsummary >.

The authors would like to thank Patricia Barden and Sheldon Rampton for technical assistance, Bob Burton for technical and research support, Sari Williams for graphics design, Kirk and Pamela Demorest for video assistance, John Stauber and Laura Miller for editorial input, and the HKH Foundation and Park Foundation for financial support.