Giuliani's Drug Deal

As a paid corporate lobbyist, U.S. presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani helped Purdue Pharma defend its illegal activities to promote the drug Oxycontin, according to New York Times reporters Barry Meier and Eric Lipton. "As a celebrity, Mr. Giuliani helped the company win several public relations battles, playing a role in an effort by Purdue to persuade an influential Pennsylvania congressman, Curt Weldon, not to blame it for OxyContin abuse," they write. "Despite these efforts, Purdue suffered a crushing defeat in May ... when the company and three top executives pleaded guilty to criminal charges. ... Together, they paid $634.5 million in fines and payments. After years of denial and a high-profile public relations campaign, the company was forced to admit that it had misled doctors and patients."


Just what we need! Another pill pushing puppet politician. I just got through reading Dispensing With the Truth by Alicia Mundy. It is about how pharma KNEW fen-phen caused hideous, torture filled deaths for women whose heart and lungs failed from the drug's use; yet, they pushed it anyway. I have long believed the obesity epidemic is a crock of bull and have always known pockets were being lined. But even I was shocked at the revelations in that book. Like the FDA considers PHARMA and not the American people their clients. That Congress pulls strings at the FDA! Congressman Tom Lantos and even Ted Kennedy intervened to get some of the drugs approved. Meanwhile, obesity "experts" like JoAnn Manson and Blackburn still have credibility although their hands are most definitely dirty. DeFacto murders!!!! And things have only gotten worse since then. Sadly, it seems almost ALL the major contenders will let pharma pull their strings. I can see why people are attracted to Ron Paul. I don't agree with much of what he says, but at least he refuses to sell out!

After so much time we finally learn the truth about these schemes. I can't say that I am shocked, this is not the first nor the last drug company that will attempt to sell highly addictive drugs just for the sake of profits. We lost a War on illegal drugs; apparently legal prescription drugs deserve some attention too. We can find information on these at, there are plenty people there willing to share their dramas with drugs.