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Race and Media: Only the Ads Are Diverse

"The tentacles of the transnational mediopolies reach deeper into racial and ethnic communities than ever before," warns media analyst and activist Makani Themba-Nixon. "For some, this is a triumph in diversity. Big corporations reaching consumers of color is something they say we should celebrate. However, this market penetration has gone hand in hand with decreasing media ownership by people of color. ... Diversity in staffing (especially at the top) is closely tied to diversity in ownership.


PR and Marketing, Sin Fronteras

In its "PR Toolbox" section, PR Week addresses how to market "to the growing Hispanic population." The answer: radio. "There are now approximately 700 Spanish-language radio stations in the U.S." And, according to Rise Birnbaum of the broadcast PR firm Zcomm, "Spanish-language stations are even more receptive than general-market ones" to audio news releases and radio media tours.


A New Brand for the Democrats: Hispanic-Friendly

"A group of former Clinton administration officials not fully satisfied with the Democratic National Committee's outreach to the Hispanic community are participating in a soon-to-be launched multimillion-dollar effort to brand the Democratic party among Hispanic residents," reports Alexander Bolton.


La Raza Unida for Telecom Deregulation?

"When 15 Latino groups sent a letter to top Senate Commerce Committee lawmakers urging video-franchising relief for the Bell telecommunications firms, the appeal appeared to be on behalf of Hispanic Americans," writes David Hatch. "But critics said the letter also was on behalf of the Bell firms AT&T and Verizon Communications, which have financial and business ties to many of the signatories. ...


Wal-Mart Front Group's New Front Man

"Black History Month 2006 ended on a jarring note," writes Bruce Dixon. "Andrew Young, a former member of Dr. King's inner circle ... who went on to serve three terms in Congress, a stint as UN ambassador and two terms as mayor of Atlanta ...


The Axis of Urban Marketing

The PR firm Weber Shandwick's new multicultural practice, called the Axis Agency, just hired its first senior vice-president of African-American and urban marketing. Kevin Hooks, the new hire, used to handle the Procter & Gamble, Motorola and Bacardi accounts for UPP Entertainment & Marketing.


An Inclusive Approach to Fake Radio News

The PR firm NovoMedia "has launched a radio news release service that will focus on the African American market," reports PR Week. NovoMedia president David Henry "said in doing work for the Hispanic market, he recognized a need for the same types of services in the African American market." African Americans have $723 billion in buying power, and 90 percent of Black adults listen to the radio on a weekly basis, according to market research.


The Olsen Twins They Ain't

"Nazi worship is very problematic but the public relations dilemma can be solved very simply," Margaret Kimberley writes. "Leave out any mention of hate, racism, Hitler and holocaust denial." Kimberley points to Prussian Blue, 13 year-old blonde twin sisters who sing songs celebrating Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess.



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