A New Brand for the Democrats: Hispanic-Friendly

"A group of former Clinton administration officials not fully satisfied with the Democratic National Committee's outreach to the Hispanic community are participating in a soon-to-be launched multimillion-dollar effort to brand the Democratic party among Hispanic residents," reports Alexander Bolton. "Liberal activists and Democratic strategists" see the recent, large immigration rights rallies as "an opportunity to roll back President Bush's close to 40 percent support among Hispanics in 2004." The New Democrat Network, which formed a "Hispanic Stragegy Center" (HSC), People for the American Way, and the Service Employees International Union are involved in the effort. HSC's goal is "to help incubate groups ... that could help Hispanic residents become more politically active." Maria Echaveste, a member of HSC's advisory board, said that the Democratic Party's Hispanic outreach is "within the context of each state's plan." That concerns her, as "state parties have been an obstacle to real inclusion of minority groups."