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Miami Police "Embed" Journalists For Trade Protests

Miami police will be "embedding" reporters with police squads during next week's protests against trade negotiations.The Associated Press reports, Police Chief John Timoney said his embedding plan would place journalists on the front lines during the Free Trade Area of the Americas talks taking place in Miami. Police expect tens of thousands of demonstrators. "The news organizations invited to participate in the embedding include The Associated Press, NBC, Reuters, The Miami Herald, CNN, Fox and several TV stations.


Oh My! News!

Three years ago, a crew of four people quietly launched the South Korean "citizen journalism" Web site OhmyNews. Since then, its staff has grown to 53, and the number of "citizen reporters" writing for the site has grown from 700 to about 26,700, with about 1 million readers each day. Its experiment with grassroots-led journalism has transformed Korean politics.



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