Insurers Trick Facebook Users Into Opposing Health Care Reform

A coalition of insurance industry groups called "Get Health Reform Right," led by Blue Cross Blue Shield and including America's Health Insurance Plans, the American Benefits Council and others, has been caught tricking Face


Oil and Gas Billionaire David Koch Funding Fight Against Health Care Reform

Early in November, thousands of angry protesters flocked to Capitol Hill to listen to House Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) rail against a supposed "government takeover" of health care.


Blue Cross Working to Make Health Care Reform Unconstitutional

Health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield has been quietly working with the conservative, pro-business front group, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to pass legislation that uses the issue of states' rights as a pretext for declaring healthcare reform unconstitutional.


Dragging Anchor

Still from an International Maritime Organization video on climate changeIf a captain fell asleep at the helm of an oil tanker traversing dangerous waters, the ship owners and the public would demand that they never be put in command of a ship again. But, despite 12 years of being asleep at the wheel, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized United Nations agency responsible for international shipping, is demanding that it be re-appointed to have sole responsibility for addressing the rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping sector.

Expensive Tastes

The British Conservative Party is offering major donors the "opportunity to discuss the party's PR strategy" in the run up to the 2010 general election. As part of its fundraising strategy, donors which contribute over £50,000 a year become members of the Leader's Group. An email leaked to PR Week reveals that Leader's Group members are offered the option of having lunch with Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, following Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.


Boom for Business Lobbyists at Climate Talks

Channel Four in the United Kingdom reports that, according to official figures, "the number of delegates and lobbyists taking part in United Nations climate change talks has trebled in the past 12 years." Olivier Hoedeman, from Corporate Europe Observatory, observed that "there has been a very substantial increase in the number of lobby groups going to these summits and it’s not as people would probably imagine – it is often business groups rather than environmental ones." At the Kyoto conference in December 1997, there were 3,66


The Airline Industry's Global Warming Denial

Giovanni Bisignani, IATA's Director GeneralGiovanni Bisignani, the director general and chief executive of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), is a worried man. As the head of the global civil aviation's main lobby group, which represents companies such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, Bisignani (right) has been frantically working to ensure that IATA isn't stripped of its its exemption from the Kyoto Protocol at the COP15 conference, which opens in Copenhagen next week.


"Americans for Quality and Affordable Healthcare": Yet Another Health Insurance Industry Front?

According to the Associated Press, "Americans for Quality and Affordable Healthcare" (AQAH) is a "secretive" group that organizes "below-the-radar" activities to drum up opposition to health care reform. AQAH is opposed to a government-run public health insurance option, but supports a mandate to require all citizens to purchase health insurance -- views that happen to exactly match those of the health insurance industry.


Center for Medicine in the Public Interest Fronting for the Drug Industry

The pharmaceutical industry-funded front group Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) is helping its corporate funders fight health care reform by disseminating misinformation and orchestrating campaigns to generate fear about hea



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