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Sarah Olson and the Struggle to Save Journalism

The Nation magazine's John Nichol's writes that American journalism is under assault and "the greatest of all threats comes when journalists fail to defend fellow reporters and editors who have come under direct attack. ... Sarah Olson, a 31-year-old independent writer and radio producer from Oakland, California, finds herself in the targets of Army prosecutors, Those prosecutors are demanding that Olson help them build the case against 1st Lt.


An Interview with Sarah Olson

"In May 2006, freelance journalist Sarah Olson interviewed Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada for and National Radio Project's 'Making Contact.' Watada is the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse orders to deploy to Iraq (he considers the war to be illegal), and as a result became the first military officer charged with public dissent since 1965. Lt. Watada faces four counts of conduct unbecoming an officer.


Journalist Sarah Olson on Hot-Seat in Watada Court Martial

Progressive magazine editor Matt Rothschild reports, "Sarah Olson was on a big story, and now she has become a part of it. The freelance journalist was one of the first reporters to cover the story of Lt. Ehren Watada, who is facing a court martial for publicly refusing to deploy to Iraq. Watada has denounced the war as 'illegal and unjust.' Now the army has subpoenaed Olson and another reporter to testify at Watada’s trial. ...



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