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Sarah Olson and Supporters Speak about Press Freedom in Watada Case at National Press Club on Thursday, February 1st

CONTACT: John Stauber, Center for Media and Democracy, 608-260-9713; Scott Goodstein, Defend the Press Coalition, 202-256-8320,

News Conference with Sarah Olson and Supporters

WHEN: 2pm, Thursday, February 1, 2007

WHERE: Zenger Room, National Press Club, Washington, DC


Sarah Olson Is Off the Hook

Matt Rothschild, editor of the Progressive, notes "Sarah Olson no longer has to choose between her liberty and her integrity. The freelance journalist, whom I profiled on January 17, will not be forced to testify at the court martial of Lt. Ehren Watada, who refuses to report for duty in Iraq. On January 29, Watada stipulated to the truth of the statements he gave Olson and another reporter. In exchange, the Army dropped two 'conduct unbecoming' charges against him."


National Press Club Lauds Victory for Press Freedom in Watada Case

In a statement on its website, the National Press Club said:

Members of The National Press Club join their colleagues around the nation in celebrating the news that two journalists will not be subpoenaed to testify in the court martial of an Army officer, who has conceded that his quotes disparaging the administration's conduct of the war in Iraq were accurate.

Journalist Sarah Olson Wins Victory for Free Speech

Helen Zia, author and board member of the Women’s Media Center, writes about Sarah Olson's victory: "Subpoenas against journalists may be intended to put a damper on their reporting, but in Olson’s case, the overwhelming response has been an outpouring of support for her stand on free speech—for both journalists and for voices of dissent.


Sarah Olson is Free, But Citizens Still Under Subpoena in Watada Court Martial

"Although the military has dismissed the subpoenas of journalists, Veterans for Peace Seattle Chapter organizers Tom Brookhart and Gerri Haynes, and Olympia-based anti-war organizer Phan Nguyen remain under order to testify against Lt. Watada. Tom Brookhart and Gerri Haynes came to the attention of Army prosecutors for their role in organizing the VFP National Convention in August. Phan Nguyen, a member of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, was the moderator of a number of press conferences and rallies this summer regarding Lt.



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