Israel Lays the Groundwork for Diplomatic Failure

Worried about "increasing international willingness to negotiate with Tehran over its nuclear program," the Israeli government is ramping up its anti-Iranian messaging. Israel has committed 8 million NIS, or around U.S.$2 million, for the campaign. "To appeal to people who are less concerned with Iran's nuclear aspirations and more fearful of its human rights abuses," Israel will work with the "international gay community" to highlight Iran's repression of LGBT people. "The campaign will also reach out to Jewish groups who want to bring more attention to [Iranian president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial and some members of the Iranian regime's anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist views," reports Haaretz. The Israeli campaign will also include "increased briefings for foreign journalists on the Iranian nuclear program and greater use of the Internet and sites such as YouTube." A "senior political source in Jerusalem" said the campaign will "lay the groundwork" for "possible diplomatic failure" with Iran. "Despite talk of a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities," the campaign advocates "harsh economic sanctions."