Why Blago Blitzed

There was a method behind now-former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's decision to skip most of his impeachment trial and go on the talk show circuit, writes PR Week. "PR pros know," the magazine wrote, "that Blagojevich's goal likely wasn't to retain his seat as governor, but to defend his reputation and prepare for his next objective. If he aimed to get a book deal or take the job that a local Chicago radio station offered, the tour was effective." The commentary adds that although Blago's media blitz was "disorganized," he might have done better with a "more controlled media tour with limited interviews and heavier media training, in which Blagojevich learned his key points inside and out and didn't step over himself."


I could not STAND him! Glad he is out of office! Sorry to hear he will still be around! Like the bad penny that always turns up!