American Heart Association Sticks with Smoky Partner

The American Heart Association (AHA) is once again partnering with the Rite Aid Drug Store chain to promote its "Go Red for Women" campaign, aimed at increasing public awareness of heart disease in women. But just last year, AHA was embarrassed by the partnership after a web site featured photos of AHA's "healthy heart" posters located immediately next to cigarette displays in Rite Aid Stores. AHA then promised tobacco control advocates that it would pull its partnership with Rite Aid. AHA does not currently list Rite Aid as a sponsor on its "Go Red" campaign web site, but the partnership was renewed for this Spring's campaign. Rite Aid is notorious among public health advocates, for having launched its own brand of cigarettes, for helping the tobacco industry fight anti-tobacco legislation, and for fighting a bill to reduce young people's access to cigarettes.


It seems often the case, that dollars or shareholders direct the actions we find deplorable... It is so sad to even see cigarettes still on store shelves anywhere, knowing what we know today as a collective whole.. Let's hope for better judgement in the future on the part of corporations in this country..... Mike @ Coloncleanse