Roche's Cancer Front Group Flounders

Cancer United, a cancer patient group created and launched by the PR firm Weber Shandwick with funding from the drug company Roche, has got off to a rocky start. On its website the group states that it aims to run an 18-month-long campaign for more uniform cancer treatments across the European Union. However, before the group was launched, it was revealed that the study it relies on was also funded by Roche. The study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm argues that survival rates increase the more a country spends on drugs. Michel Coleman from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told the Guardian that the study was "woefully simplistic research." A Labor member of parliament, Ian Gibson, resigned from the group after discovering Roche's role. "I feel very silly and stupid," he said. The press conference convened in Brussels to announce the new group was "sparsely attended."



Any one notice that this is exactly what Roche is doing with hep C?

Hep C. is a rare disease that is restricted to people in well known, high risk, social health risk groups that is actively being posed as a major health threat.

The fact is that very few of the people who test positive for hep C are truly at risk for developing serious liver disease and those that are have many well known risks for liver disease--

Michael Ellner