Some of the Facts About Wal-Mart

"For the first time in its 43 years, a Wal-Mart CEO is publicly responding to detractors." The giant retailer launched a national PR blitz, including interviews with its CEO, an open-letter ad in more than 100 newspapers, and a new website,, that promises the "unfiltered truth." CEO Lee Scott said that criticisms of Wal-Mart had grown to "urban legend" status, while critics' "lifestyle doesn't change when the price of fuel changes, or if they keep a Wal-Mart store out of their area." When asked why doesn't mention the ongoing class-action sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Scott replied, "There are so many things that we deal with and aspects of society that you couldn't possibly put them all in." O'Dwyer's reports that Hill & Knowlton is working on Wal-Mart campaign, helping Scott and handling local media.


In my blog, I analyze the misleading "half-of-the-story" statistics from Wal-Mart's propaganda web site. See (I would paste it here, but it looks awful without the formatting).