For or Against War, How to Talk Like a Democrat

A memorandum from top spinmeisters provides advice, based on opinion polls, as to how Democratic Party members of Congress can explain their votes on the resolution giving President Bush the green light to attack Iraq -- whether the Democrat voted for or against war. According to the New York Times, the memo from Stan Greenberg, James Carville and Bob Shrum contains such advice as "An opponent of the Iraq resolution can run competitively
with the Republican proponent, when he or she affirms
support for the war on terrorism in general and expresses
reservations in that context." On the other hand, "A Democratic supporter of an Iraq resolution is most
compelling and strongly preferred to the Republican
supporter when he or she gives strong voice to certain
reservations about this operation - the need for allies who
will share costs, concern about increased instability and
neglect of the war on terrorism."