PR Empire Owns Barbour, DC's 'Most Powerful Lobbyist'

Haley Barbour, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, "illustrates the synergistic relationship between lobbying and fundraising," said a July 23 article in the New York Times. His firm has been named by Fortune magazine as the number one lobby firm in the Capital, and Barbour is also the man in charge of raising money for Republican Senate campaigns. The New York Times noted that "Two years ago, Mr. Barbour sold his firm for $20 million in stock to the Interpublic Group of Companies, a global media company..." A "global media company?" The Interpublic Group is one of the world's largest PR conglomerates, also owning PR giants Shandwick International, Weber PR Worldwide, Golin Harris International and others. The most powerful lobbyist and GOP fundraiser in Washington works for a global PR empire. Some of Barbour's current and recent lobby clients include: BMI, CBS, Microsoft, RJR, Amgen and Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company and dozens more businesses. Now that's synergy!