Meet the Candidates: The Victors of Tuesday's Congressional Primaries

Seven states held congressional primaries for a total of six Senate and 70 House seats this Tuesday. We've got the results of the congressional primaries in Alabama, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey and South Dakota, thanks to the citizen journalists posting information to the candidate profiles in Congresspedia's Wiki the Vote project.

New Mexico definitely had the most interesting race as two current Republican representatives and one Democratic representative vie for the seat of retiring Sen. Pete Domenici, but this is an especially turbulent election and nearly every seat is being contested, so they're all worth a look.

You can find full listings of all the candidates and profiles at the Wiki the Vote project homepage or through the listings below. We need your help to find out more about these candidates, so if you know something about them please add it to their profile. (You can always contact one of the staff editors for help.)

Here are the victors of Tuesday's primaries:

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) is being challenged by state Sen. Vivian Figures (D).
  • In the 1st district, incumbent Rep. Jo Bonner (R) is running against Thomas Fuller (D). Fuller’s background eludes our citizen-journalist’s best work, so if you have information on his background we could really use you’re help.
  • In the 2nd district, incumbent Rep. Terry Everett (R) has announced he won’t seek reelection. Two Republican candidates will be in a special election July 15: Jay Love and Harri Anne Smith, both state legislators. The Democrats nominated Montgomery mayor Bobby Bright.
  • In the 3rd district, Republican Mike Rogers is being challenged by Joshua Segall (D).
  • In the 4th district, Rep. Robert Aderholt (R) will face Democratic challenger Nicholas Sparks, a physician.
  • In the 5th district, incumbent Bud Cramer, a Democrat, has announced his resignation. Republicans Wayne Parker and Cheryl Guthrie will square off in a runoff election July 15th, for the opportunity to face Democrat Parker Griffith. Guthrie is a practicing attorney; Parker, a vice president for an insurance firm; and Griffith is a state senator.
  • In the 6th district, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) does not face opposition in his re-election bid.
  • In the 7th district, Rep. Artur Davis (D) is unopposed in his re-election bid.


  • Sen. Tim Johnson (D) will face Republican victor Christopher Reed, a small-business owner.
  • In the 1st district, incumbent Rep. Bruce Braley (D) faces Republican David Hartsuch, a state senator and physician.
  • In the 2nd district, incumbent Rep. Dave Loebsack, a Democrat, is being challenged by Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R), associate examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology.
  • In the 3rd district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Leonard Boswell is running against Kim Schmett (R), veteran and former congressional staffer.
  • In the 4th district, Republican incumbent Rep. Tom Latham will face Becky Greenwald (D), who works in the Iowa’s agriculture industry.
  • In the 5th district, incumbent Rep. Steve King (R) is running against the Democratic nominee, Rob Hubler, a Navy veteran ad former Presbyterian minister.


New Jersey

  • Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D) fought off a primary challenge and will run against Republican Dick Zimmer, a former Congressman.
  • In the 1st district, incumbent Rep. Rob Andrews (R) lost a primary race for the U.S. Senate, and will vacate his seat at the end of the 100th Congress. His wife, Camille Andrews, won the Democratic nomination to replace him, and will face Dale Glading (R), who founded a prison ministry service.
  • In the 2nd district, incumbent Rep. Frank LoBiondo is being challenged by Dave Kurkowski (R), who owns a market research firm in Moorestown.
  • In the 3rd district, Republican incumbent Rep. Jim Saxton is retiring; Medford Mayor Chris Mayers won the GOP nod for the seat, while John Adler, a state senator, is running as a Democrat.
  • In the 4th district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Chris Smith is challenged by John Zietz (D), a university professor.
  • In the 5th district, incumbent Rep. Scott Garret (R) is will face Democrat Dennis Shulman , who founded the National Institute for the Psychotherapies’ contemporary psychoanalysis at program.
  • In the 6th district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Frank Pallone is up against Robert McLeod (R), a former municipal court judge.
  • In the 7th district, incumbent Rep. Mike Fergusen (D) is retiring. Two members of the state Legislature are seeking his seat: Lisa Stender (D), vice-chair of the Rransportation and Public Works Committee, and Republican Leonard Lance, state Senate minority leader.
  • In the 8th district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Bill Pascrell will run against Roland Straten (R), a former business owner.
  • In the 9th district, incumbent Rep. Steve Rothman (D) is squaring off against Vincent Micco (R), an Iraq War veteran.
  • In the 10th district, incumbent Rep. Donald M. Payne, a Democrat, is running unopposed.
  • In the 11th district, incumbent Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (D) is heading up against Tom Wyka (R), a project manager.
  • In the 12th district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Rush Holt faces Alan Batemen (R), deputy mayor of Holmdel Township.
  • In the 13th district, incumbent Rep. Albio Sires (D) will try to fend off Joseph Turula (R), an attorney.

New Mexico

  • Sen. Pete Domenici (R) is retiring at the end of his term. Two of New Mexico’s three House members are seeking the seat: Republican Rep. Steve Pearce and Democrat Tom Udall.
  • In the 1st district, incumbent Rep. Heather Wilson (R) Lost a primary race for the U.S. Senate, and will vacate her seat at the end of the year. Darren White, a county sheriff for Albuquerque, is running against Martin Heinrich, who founded a public affairs consulting firm.
  • In the 2nd district, incumbent Rep. Steve Pearce is running for Senate. Democrat Harry Teague, who owns an oil fields services building, will face Ed Tinsley (R), a restaurateur and small-business owner.
  • In the 3rd district, Democratic incumbent Rep. Tom Udall is running for Senate. Public Regulation Commissioner Ben Lujan (D) is is heading up against Dan East (R), a building contractor.

South Dakota