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  • Reply to: Koch Convention to Rewrite Constitution Runs Into Roadblocks   1 year 6 months ago
    Absolutely! It's the electoral college all over again. A minority of voters undercutting the will of the majority. In the case of the election, we ended with a fascist in the White House. In the case of a constitutional convention in the current political climate -- we can't even imagine the nightmare that could result.
  • Reply to: Betsy DeVos and Issue of College Sexual Assault Take Center Stage at ALEC in Denver   1 year 6 months ago
    Why are you so afraid of private, not for profit schools receiving voucher funds? Are you so convinced that the public school teachers are less competent and not as good at their jobs that the students will run to the private schools as soon as they are allowed to choose? That's not much of a show of confidence in your team. Private schools on average pay their teachers substantially less. The funds that would come if vouchers passed might be able to offset the coercive health taxes. Why are you afraid of true choice? Clearly you think low-income parents are too stupid to make choices for their family or you are confident they will make a choice that is at odds with your wishes. This position - the anti-free choice position - is one of the least liberal, most closed-minded in existence today. I would be curious to know if you have children or grands. How willing would you be to send them to a failing public school to test your theory.
  • Reply to: Infighting, Legal Questions Slow ALEC Push for Second Constitutional Convention   1 year 6 months ago
    Excellent article. It looks like Ms. Bottari hit the lemmings' hot button! People won't stop talking about an Article V convention, an amending convention, a constitutional convention, etc. being the same because it's a distinction without a difference. It's loud and clear the Delegates to such a convention, as direct representatives of the People and based on our unalienable right to alter or abolish our Form of Government as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, para 2, would be able to do whatever they decide to do: change the rules; rewrite and replace the Constitution; change the ratification process; whatever. They say the plan isn't to rewrite the Constitution, but to RESTORE the original intent of the document as ratified in 1789. How about enforcing the Constitution we have, using the Federalist papers to interpret it? Instead they are listening to the courts now which are the same courts they'll run to when the federal government ignores their "amendments." Hello?
  • Reply to: Infighting, Legal Questions Slow ALEC Push for Second Constitutional Convention   1 year 6 months ago
    Not unlike how the media treats Donald Trump, the author chooses to highlight an insignificant aspect of constitutional attempts to convene a convention of states, mischaracterized by the author as a constitutional convention. The Framers knew, as did Justice Scalia, that governance by men was frought with danger when wealth and power was the reward. Our Federalist system has been under attack for over one hundred years. Now is the time for an Article 5 convention of states to propose amendments that will rein in the scope and power of the Feds to rebalance the power with the States as our Founders intended. Our freedom is at stake.
  • Reply to: The Lucy Burns Institute (Publishers of Ballotpedia, Judgepedia and WikiFOIA) and Her Right-Wing Bedfellows   1 year 6 months ago
    Considering your claim of non-transparency, it seems to me you have had no trouble finding all the information you wanted. So where is the non-transparency? What's not transparent is your failed attempt to mud-sling. Better luck next time.