Flacks Attack "Determined Detractors"

BuzzMetrics, a New York-based specialist in word-of-mouth marketing, is among the companies working to tame the internet by going after "determined detractors," which the New York Times defines as "persistent critics of a company or product that mount their own public relations offensive, often online." According to Paul Rand, managing director at Ketchum Midwest in Chicago, "One determined detractor can do as much damage as 100,000 positive mentions can do good." Detractors, he said, can become "reputation terrorists" who have a personal interest in publicly criticizing a company. "These are the folks we have to track and stay on top of," he said. "To not do so can cost money."


Isn't Ketchum the agency that served as the condiut of funds to Armstrong Williams and did video news relesaes for the government on the prescription drug program without identifying the source? And aren't they refusing to answer any questions about their role in these PR fiascos? Just asking.