Norquist Dreams of Twelve More Years

Conservative activist Grover Norquist, from Americans for Tax Reform, told Australian Financial Review journalist Tony Walker that three of his political priorities – tort reform, curtailing political contributions from unions, and promoting free trade – would have the combined effect of weakening support for the Democratic Party. Grover’s dream is that the conservative revolution runs for another 12 years. “If we do our job right over the next four years, weakening the institutions of the left, reducing the cost of government, reforming the government so that it becomes less intrusive in such a way that we deserve and win the presidency in 2008, that would give us another eight years," he said.


I do not consider legislators between my legs, no recognition of a fundamental right to privacy, denial of equal protection under the law to homosexuals, and expanded on the job drug testing to be less intrusive in any way, shape, or form. The only way the Neocons will get another 8 years after Bush is by the same way we got Bush in the first place, electoral fraud and paperless, non-accountable electronic voting, something else Democrats, or more correctly, Republicrats, by and large don't seemed overly concerned about.

I think it is quite ridiculous how Norquist says that if the conversative movement creates a smaller government, they can get another 12 years. The Republicans, with the help of the Democrats, have created the largest government monstrosity on the face of the planet and in the history of the world. What hope could he possible have about creating a smaller government with the war in Iraq raging with no end in sight?

It is as if nobody on the right (or the middle) seems to consider the military a part of government. A real conservative government would have reduced spending on the military, as well as on social programs. It is possible that at this moment in time the U.S. could increase social spending and reduce military spending enough to create a much smaller government than we have now.

When will the good people of this country realize that allegiance to party is meaningless in relation to conservative or liberal values. I can tolerate a true conservative much easier than most of the so-called “liberal” Democrats that are in Congress right now, even though my own view are very much left of center. The effort to dominate the world through military might and economic black mail is nieither a conservative or liberal value—it is just plain wrong.

If this spawn of satan had his way there would be no middle class in America. I don't know how anyone could possibly vote for these proposals when the net effect is to ship your job and to China. As a union member I am absolutely appalled by the efforts of the right wing to muzzle workers.