Millions for Marriage -- and Schubert Flint

The National Organization for Marriage's (NOM's) $1.5 million television ad campaign -- with spots featuring "ominous clouds over several people warning against same-sex marriage" -- is bringing one public relations firm to the national stage. The Sacramento, California firm Schubert Flint Public Affairs "played a key role in torpedoing same-sex marriage in California," reports O'Dwyer's. For its work on the "Yes on Proposition 8" campaign, the firm won "several awards." Now, Schubert Flint is supporting the NOM campaign, a two-year effort to recruit "two million supporters to oppose gay marriage pushes" in states including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Vermont. It launched the "Two Million for Marriage" campaign in Trenton, New Jersey, on April 8. The firm's cofounder, Frank Schubert, worked for tobacco industry front groups in the 1990s. The firm's other namesake, cofounder Jeff Flint, previously worked at Russo Marsh & Rogers, the Sacramento firm behind the pro-war, anti-Democrat group Move America Forward and the pro-Sarah Palin, anti-Barack Obama group Our Country Deserves Better.


The National Organization for Marriage doesn't have a monopoly on "ominous clouds." Watch this send-up of NOM's TV ad by Off-Chance Productions media collective--with better production values than Shubert Flint's version.

That "Gathering Storm" ad will probably end up in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of parodies it's inspired.

As I write this, the New Hampshire Senate has just approved a same-sex marriage bill. It'll have to be reconciled with the House version, and Gov. Lynch, a weathervane Democrat, has said he thinks marriage should be between man and woman, so it's by no means certain he'll sign it.

Anyway, the pod people can be a bit more afraid for the time being.