Join CMD at the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver!

Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and DemocracyIf you are going to the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) in Denver, CO on April 5-7, 2013, please join the Center for Media and Democracy for a special session "Exposing ALEC: How Corporate Special Interests Control State Legislatures." The workshop will be on Saturday, April 6 from 2:00 - 3:30 pm in the Plaza Ballroom E.

Presenters include Lisa Graves - Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, Denise Cardinal - Executive Director of ProgressNow, Bob Edgar - President and CEO of Common Cause, Timothy Karr - Senior Director of Strategy for Free Press, Randy Parraz - Co-Founder and President of Citizens for a Better Arizona, and Rashad Robinson - Executive Director of ColorOfChange.

Also stop by our exhibit booth in the Conference Commons (located in the Plaza Exhibit Hall) to learn more about CMD and talk to one of our staff writers, Harriet Rowan.

And don't miss a great movie -- Bill Moyer's documentary The United States of ALEC hosted by Bob Edgar and Lisa Graves in the Governors Square room 12 at 6:00 pm Saturday, April 6. Learn what groups are doing to expose the ALEC agenda. Pizza and beverages will be served.

The conference is organized by the nonprofit media reform group Free Press, founded by John Nichols and Bob McChesney, and is dedicated to the fight for a more independent, robust and diverse media system in the United States, which is essential to our efforts to build a better democracy.

Help us get the word out about ALEC! at NCMR 2013 by attending our panel, visiting our exhibit booth, and watching The United States of ALEC. We hope to see you there!


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i cannot make it to Denver, but curious if anyone reading this might want to help me use a combination of a new technology and a new face-to-face organizing technique to enable a doubling or tripling of houseparties nationwide every 2-3 weeks over a 3-4 month period to climax in 40,000 houseparties, at least $8MM, and thousands of dedicated volunteers to bring democracy to America (by getting public funding of elections,removing corporate personhood, and stopping electronic voting). I think i have a good go to plan for execution, but need the team. The weekend of July 4th would be the perfect kickoff time, poetically speaking. (gary)

Sounds great Gary, but why no electronic voting? What are all the details of your house party plan?