CMD's Lisa Graves Honored by Wisconsin Association for Justice

Lisa Graves, Executive Director of the Center for Media and DemocracyCMD's Executive Director Lisa Graves was honored recently by the Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ). WAJ is the largest voluntary bar organization in Wisconsin representing the trial bar profession. WAJ presented Lisa with the President's Award for her ongoing work exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), particularly ALEC's "tort reform" efforts which make it harder to hold corporations accountable when their products injure or kill consumers. She was presented with the award at WAJ's Winter Seminar and Annual Meeting at the Pfister Hotel and Tower in Milwaukee.

CMD has been covering ALEC's "tort reform" agenda since it launched its ALEC Exposed project, and identified how the very first bill Governor Scott Walker called for upon taking office drew liberally from the ALEC playbook. ALEC member Rich Zipperer went on to propose two major changes to the Wisconsin civil justice system in the 2011-2012 session, one to protect big corporations from interest rate charges when they lose a lawsuit (cheating consumers and victims of needed funds) and another to give global corporations that manufacture drugs and medical devices immunity from suit when their products injure or kill. Zipperer was recently appointed as Walker's Chief of Staff.

In September of 2012 Lisa Graves was invited to write an article about Walker's ALEC-inspired tort reforms for WAJ's publication, The Verdict, titled "Echoing ALEC's Playbook, the Real Story of Walker's Tort 'Reform'".


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Congratulations, Lisa Graves! and Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your tireless efforts to expose ALEC, creation of sister sites, and being the leaning post we all needed!!!!

Ms. Graves, may I send my sincere congratulations to you. I live in Delaware. I saw you give a talk (as I was invited by the ACLU of Delaware), it was so cool to hear you. That was several years ago. Any chance you might come to Delaware again? I understand you must have incredibly busy in the time since then, dealing not only with outragous laws which erode people's civil liberties, on top of that, Citizens United, which many people find disturbing. And I've certainly noticed you've been at the forefront of opposing C.U. Again, my congrats. Take care. Bruce Tucker, Artist, Patriot, Newark, Delaware

Dear Bruce: Thank you for your kind note!! I would love to come back to Delaware to speak and meet with other concerned citizens. Please send along your email to Lisa