We Will Always Have Paris

The family of Paris Hilton has hired PR attack dog Michael Sitrick to repair the released jailbird's reputation. According to Gawker.com, a New York-based website that focuses on media news and gossip, Sitrick is "a PR pit bull ... a master of spin ... someone who will stop at nothing to turn public opinion in his clients' favor." His other clients have included billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, fired Wal-Mart marketer Julie Roehm, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles during its pedophile priest scandal, Halle Berry when she faced hit-and-run charges, and Rush Limbaugh during his prescription pill addiction scandal. How does Sitrick perfume the reputations of these human stink bombs? "His methods are aggressive and strategic," writes Gawker. "He uses what he calls 'truth squads' to monitor the media (including blogs) to ferret out inaccuracies about his clients and 'wheel-of-pain' tactics against his client's foes — a campaign of negative publicity intended to spur a quick settlement."


That might make someonee with Strick's M.O. prick up his ears. I'm more inclined to apply a term like that to someone like Karl Rove, and not necessarily everyone on Strick's client list.

But I do love the term "reputation repair." Drop it off by 4 p.m. and we'll have it ready at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Please call our attention to any stubborn stains. Reweaving our speciality.

Too bad Joe Citizen can't get a washing machine fixed that easily.

I guess I wouldn't quite call Halle Berry a human stink bomb. But the pedophile priests? Limbaugh?

Anyway, if Sitrick wants to sue us, our address is right at the bottom of the page so he won't have any trouble finding us. I'm looking forward to pretrial discovery...

...Sitrick didn't represent the pedophile priests. They're not the ones with the big bucks, so if they wind up getting beaten to death in prison, too bad. It's the institutional enablers who left the kids' butts uncovered to cover that of Holy Mother Church, who can and do command the services of "professionals" like Sitrick. The epithet in question fits them too, IMHO.

Limbaugh and pedophile priest definitely belong in the same category. But Halle Berry???? Anyone can panic in a moment of crisis. Besides, she is much prettier than Paris Hilton. And at least she does something other than drink and drive and get paid to go to parties. The media could be talking about peak oil! But NO, we have Paris Hilton!