McDonald's Wants in the "Mom-to-Mom Dialogue"

PR Week has more on McDonald's "moms' quality correspondence" PR campaign. The fast food giant met with the six mothers in early June, "at the company's global headquarters in Oak Brook, IL. Future interactions will include a visit to a beef supplier in August and a 'farm field' and produce supplier in September. ... The moms will also get the chance to work behind the counter of McDonald's in Oklahoma City." McDonald's PR executive Tara Lazarus Hayes said the mothers "will get to see first-hand how menu items are made, and ask our executives tough questions about nutrition," and also get a "sneak peek" at a "product due to launch next year." The campaign is geared to help McDonald's neutralize criticism about fast food and childhood obesity. "We're also hoping to dispel that McJob image," added Hayes. "We understand the mom-to-mom dialogue is important because they listen and influence each other." She explained that McDonald's hopes "the misperceptions they had and myths that are out there will be debunked by their [the mothers'] experience." The mothers will write about their experiences "and have them posted, unedited by McDonald's, online at"


As much as I think rabid animal rights groups are counterproductive, I was forced to watch a video on factory meat farming as part of a student report. (I never grade my students based on my own personal values.) What I was struck by was how the animals were given growth hormones to the point they couldn't support their own weight. How could all these hormones NOT affect our endocrine systems??? There are also studies that have found even endocrine disruptors in the environment are making kids fatter. I think it is terrible that the American Medical Association is basically calling for ultra intrusive interventions for all kids, especially fat ones. (Repeating the cycle of weight obsession that will lead to even more eating disorders.) Yet, no one is doing anything to address the real causes! I believe some people are naturally meant to be fat, but I also believe environmental stresses are creating havoc with other kids metabolisms. The issue isn't as simple as not eating fast food if the lean, home cooked crap they are eating is still full of hormones. The AMA and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation are part of the problem, not the solution. Quite honestly, so is the single minded obsession with McDonald's and lifestyle in general. Stop the cause, not just force kids to obsess over the symptoms!!!! If I had kids, and I thank God I don't, I wouldn't worry so much about calories and BMI as I would making sure they ate organic.

I'm glad McDonald's is open to forums like Mom- to- Mom. At least both sides can talk about obesity, diet, etc.