Florida Governor Rick Scott's Shameless Self-Promotion

Florida Governor Rick ScottFlorida Governor Rick Scott now has a page on his campaign website, RickScottforFlorida.com, asking people to send pre-written letters of praise about him to the editors of Florida's major newspapers. Scott's campaign staff wrote the flattering form letter lionizing Scott and his performance in office. It says in part, "I voted for Rick because he's always been a businessman, not a politician. While politicians usually disappoint us and rarely keep their promises, Rick is refreshing because he's keeping his word." Visitors to RickScottforFlorida.com can click to send the letter to one of seven major Florida newspapers, including the Miami Herald, the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Tampa Tribune. They can alter the letter, if they wish, or just sent the suggested pre-written version. The effort to create an appearance of a groundswell of public support for Scott and his actions in office comes shortly after Quinnipiac University released a poll showing 57 percent of Florida voters now disapprove of Scott's performance as governor -- the lowest score of any governor the University surveyed. Scott's record low approval rating comes just five months after he took office.


I have been wondering who is paying for all this self promotion. I have been recieving Emails and Popups on Web pages with this Bozo on it tell me he is doing a great job and he single handling brought Florida's Unemployment down while our President has increased Unemployment. What a smuck!! He should be investigated to check to see he is not using tax dollars for this.

Polls and watchdog groups can be every bit as shameless, unreliable and biased against the facts and truth as are politicians and their professional spinsters. Hold the mirror ever up to yourselves at SourceWatch and remember always that it is not at all about you or about groups like you, it is simply about the truth and common sense. Your negative, patently biased article about Rick Scott's website activities is neither truthful, balanced nor persuasive. It is you who are shameless in this instance, SourceWatch. Wise up, please, and don't traffic in low-end political propaganda, you're deceiving no one yourselves.

@Nonnegotiable, you say that:

"Your negative, patently biased article about Rick Scott's website activities is neither truthful, balanced nor persuasive."

Please let us know exactly what you find so misleading and biased in this article. The letter and instructions, as described in this article, appears exactly as is described on Mr. Scott's website. At the current time, your comments are laughable as they address no particular aspect of the article. I'll add that your tirade sounds so scripted and rehearsed, it's almost sounds like your are the political consultant who drafted Mr. Scott's phoney baloney letter idea, angry that your poorly executed strategy was so easily found out.

Dear Anonymous:

I suggest that you first pick a concrete name if you would like to have a cogent and serious conversation about any topic whatsoever, but just by way of clarification given your evident lack of discernment regarding politically driven misinformation and propaganda in general, the very title of this snarky little pseudo-article, 'Florida Governor Rick Scott's Shameless Self-Promotion', penned by a certain Anne Landman? (whoever she is), should immediately betray to you the author's very shamelessness, bias and evident lack of professionalism which doesn't rise to a level much higher than that of vulgar mud-slinging and adhominem attack.

But first get a name, ok? I really couldn't have it otherwise, you see.

This page was highlighted on the Colbert Report last night. How hilarious (and how embarrassing for Floridians -- you people sure are idiots). Anyway, Stephen provides a similar letter where you get to fill in the blanks. I just did and am sending out the letters today. Sorry Scotty boy, I didn't say the bs you wanted me to about you -- I said the truth, so it ain't pretty.......