"Thunda Around the Rotunda" to Rumble into Madison Saturday

On Saturday, April 30, the fight for collective bargaining will bring a different type of activist to Madison's Capitol Square. As many as 10,000 motorcyclists from around Wisconsin and across the Midwest will ride in support of Wisconsin workers at the "Thunda Around the Rotunda" event.

Eric J. Hartz, a Madison Public School Teacher, organized the "Thunda Around the Rotunda" with a motorcyclist friend. "This is a grassroots event," he said. "There is nobody funding this."

According to Hartz, it started with motorcyclists talking and getting together on social networking sites, and soon, "groups of 100 here and groups of 100 there" were signing up to attend from Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.

Riding for Rights

The event's goal is to have 10,000 motorcyclists participate in the ride around Capital Square. The point, Hartz says, "is to support city and Wisconsin workers."

Hartz invites bikers of all political stripes to join the ride in protest of the attack on Wisconsin's labor rights traditions. In a radio interview, Hartz said he even extended an invitation to Governor Scott Walker since Walker claims to 'support Wisconsin workers.' "I even offered to let him lead the Parade if he showed up," Hartz said.

Governor Walker has not confirmed his attendance.

More Information

The "Thunda Around the Rotunda" will not be the only motorcycle-related event happening in Madison that weekend. The Barrymore Theater will hold its annual Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Film Festival that night to celebrate the Slimey Crud Run happening in Cross Plains, WI the next day.

The parade will rendezvous at 1pm at Goodman Park, 1402 WIngra Creek Parkway on Madison's Westside, and head to the capitol at 2 p.m. More information can be found on the event website, http://www.thundaaroundtherotunda.com/


Here's the deal, I want to help out with this cause. I don't have an M/cycle right now. Not even a riceburner! And I does love them Riceburners! I'm spreading the word on other websites that include biker-type folks. And I'm making copies of that cool bike rally poster and passing them out as well. I can't afford to do alot of cool stuff, but I do have a couple of cameras, and I can throw some tools into my green Toyota Corolla in case people have to make any adjustments to their bikes. Maybe I'll throw up an Australian flag on my car for the people I know would be there if they could make it! ---Scint

Enough with romanticizing noise already. I'll keep my distance, and be thankful that this collective middle-finger to anyone within earshot who finds noise to be just what it is - unnecessary, unwanted and annoying, is coming nowhere near my neighborhood. Most people grow out of their childish fascination with things that go "boom", "bang" or "rumble" when they graduate from toys to tools, but some don't, and must gather in groups to rationalize their annoying behavior. I'll wait for the next gathering of grown-ups at the Capital, thank you.

I guess it is a good thing you keep your distance from these childish grown-ups. you must be a real fun person at parties,I guess someone like you has been drinking the Fox koolaide for so long that they have no clue about what real grown-ups are trying to protect for you and the rest of the clueless who follow the republican agenda, that's OK because we real grown-ups will handle it for you like we always have. That's ok sit back and have a good day

My husband and I plan on riding our motorcycles in the event and we are proud to do it. I spent many days at the capital protesting the attack on workers. I did it in the rain and the snow and the cold. And now I will do it on a motorcycle. Doesn't matter how we do it, but it needs to be done in any way, shape or form. On Wisconsin!

In Milwaukee Thunda Around the Rotunda motorcycles will be meeting at 9am at State Fair Park on the Park-n-Ride end for a send off from Mayor Barrett , Rep. Sinicki, and Rep. Pacsh. 4 wheelers should decorate their cars and follow behind as we will be a parade to Madison. Governor, Can you hear us now?