Confrontational Democracy

"The State Department is looking for 'appropriate opportunities' to spend money inside and outside Iran," to "foster opposition" as part of "a more confrontational democratization effort." The Los Angeles Times writes, "The United States is already spending $14.7 million a year to broadcast Persian-language radio and television programs into Iran." The broadcasts include Voice of America TV and radio and Radio Farda, "which aims to lure a youthful audience with hard news and popular music." The Bush administration is seeking a $5.7 million funding increase for Iranian broadcasts in 2006.


So, Bush and Co. now want to spend 20.4 Mil of our tax dollars so that their message can be broadcast to Iranians? Has anyone done a study of how effective these propoganda tactics are? Honestly, they dont seem to be too effective, Iran still considers us to be the "Great Satan". Does anyone in Iran actually listen to US radio? Just a suggestion, how about using my 20.4 mil to re-fund one of the blue bazillion social programs Bush has already cut.