Eat, Prey, Spend

BPlogoThe movie "Eat, Pray, Love" is the story of a woman who travels the world in search of personal fulfillment, enlightenment and love. Despite the noticeably non-materialistic theme, though, Sony Pictures and Home Shopping Network (HSN) inked a deal to use the movie as a vehicle to hype an amazing amount of female-targeted merchandise. In the run-up to the film's August 13 release, HSN staged a three-day shopping event that showcased over 400 "Eat, Pray, Love" movie-related products including kitchenware, teas, jewelry, clothing, spices, shower gel, bed sheets, furnishings and cookware. Moviegoers are invited buy Eat, Pray, Love "I deserve Something Beautiful" T-shirts for a whopping $39.90 apiece, or an "Eat, Pray, Love" Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader with case for $229.95 (in three easy payments), a gelato maker, Sony laptop computers in movie-themed colors, gourmet candies, flat-panel TVs and much more.

Sony Pictures gets a cut of the profits generated by the merchandise, and HSN is helping out by bringing the movie to the attention of its 95 million household viewers and five million or so mostly female active customers who seek fulfillment by shopping. HSN screened the movie for its employees, and gave them copies of the novel to help them discuss the book and movie with customers and thus encourage sales. This is the first time a movie studio has entered into a direct merchandising partnership with a TV shopping channel. Toy makers have long targeted kids with toys based on animated movies, but women are a relatively new target for movie-related merchandise, let alone on this scale. A tremendous amount of merchandising accompanied the release of the movie "Sex and the City 2," but Warner Brothers, which made the movie, never launched a merchandising promotion like Sony's for SATC. Instead, it left the job of pushing SATC-related merchandise -- panties, martini glasses, parties, tours and such -- to others.


I have read the original novel and i now i am very happy to see its filmic version. after going thorough the novel we do feel how important true love is to get true happiness in life. Julia Robert is my favorite actress and i cant wait to see this movie over this weekend. I bet Sony wont loose money on this deal

I work at Half Price Books and we've been BOMBARDED with calls about this alleged books. I understand why now.

These targeted advertisements are subdued and shaded by this self-help movement, buried under a heap of Lose Weight Now! and spoil-yourself-rotten mentalities. Apparently it's okay to splurge on merchandise made by little brown hands as long as it helps make one whole and improve mental stability. Those sneaky capitalists! It's working! They duped us. They have successfully retooled the American Dream. Of course this only applies if you're white and are lucky enough to have a day job that requires you to kick ass while wearing high heels (oh -- and being a mom does not count as a day job). Bitch Magazine ran a similar <a href="http://"> article</a> that connects this smart marketing technique to the whole me-time movement that is going on. Read it for pleasure or more likely disgust.

That's some crazy merchandising for the movie. The reviews I've heard from friends who have seen it were varying. From really good to "I wish I saw Inception or The Expendables". Was planning this huge merchandising plan really a good idea before seeing how the movie would perform? It was released in the summer. Probably THE biggest times for movie releases. I think it would have gained more mileage as a Thanksgiving or Christmas release, which it won't get drowned out in all the other movies coming out.

I'm looking forward to the movie though. Julia Roberts is a good fit for this one! :) I'd like to do a retreat like that some day