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New Participatory Project: Nuclear Companies Head for the Trough

Nuclear Energy Institute coasterWith billions of dollars in subsides on offer from the U.S. government, some utilities are lining up to submit applications with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for new nuclear power plants. As a first step to helping citizens and journalists track what's happening we will be building a page listing what is known about the new nuclear power station proposals.


Employee of the Month, Even Before He Started

"Three months prior to the announcement that Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Jeffery S. Merrifield would be joining the Shaw Group Inc. as Vice President of its Power Group, Mr. Merrifield vigorously championed several major policy initiatives that directly benefited his future employer," states the watchdog group Project on Governmental Oversight (POGO) in a press release.


My Own Private Idaho Poll

In Twin Falls, Idaho, an opponent of a proposed nuclear power plant is wondering who's polling local residents about nuclear energy. Last weekend, Peter Rickards was called by "a man who said he was conducting a survey about energy in Idaho. Most of the questions ... involved nuclear power and alluded to the Idaho Energy Complex, a controversial nuclear facility proposed by Virginia-based Alternate Energy Holdings" (AEH). Rickards "suspects AEH or its affiliates may have commissioned the survey to test the waters of public opinion as plans for the project move forward. ...


Follow the Money, Eh? Canadian Reporters' Glowing Failure

Patrick Moore"Much of the environmental movement, including Greenpeace, has lost its way when it comes to nuclear power, caught up in politically correct ideology and stooping to sensationalism to garner support," declared a recent media alert announcing the visit of one-time Greenpeace activist Patrick Moore to Toronto. The alert continued, "In Ontario, CANDU nuclear energy is the greatest single contributor to carbon reduction relative to all other energy producing technologies."

The Other Half of the Nuclear Industry's Power Couple: Christine Todd Whitman

Christine Whitman and Rudy Giuliani near New York's Ground Zero."Was it wrong to try to get the city back on its feet as quickly as possible?" an exasperated Christine Todd Whitman asked members of Congress. The occasion was Whitman's first appearance before the House subcommittee investigating her handling of New York air quality issues post-9/11, when she headed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Exelon's Nuclear Plant Is Excellent, Say Exelon-Funded Group, Study

"Two lobbyists with lengthy resumes in New Jersey government set up a conference call with the media last week to announce the formation of the New Jersey Affordable, Clean, Reliable Energy Coalition (NJ ACRE), notes an Asbury Park Press editorial. The coalition will "advocate for nuclear energy and, more specifically, a 20-year license extension for the aging Oyster Creek plant" in Lacey, N.J.


NPR Urged to Follow the Money on Nuclear Issues

During an August 15 news segment on nuclear power, why did National Public Radio's John Ydstie say "many environmentalists ... who began their careers opposed to nuclear power ... are now reconsidering nuclear power in the face of global warming"?



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