Political Ad Urges Nevada's Latinos Not to Vote

A front group called Latinos for Reform is running a 60-second advertisement on Nevada TV that urges Latinos not to vote in the upcoming mid-term election, saying it is the way to punish Democrats for failing to enact immigration reform within the first years of Barack Obama's presidency. The ad, which will air in Spanish on Univision, urges viewers "Don't vote this November. This is the only way to send [Democrats] a clear message ... 'You can no longer take us for granted.' " The ad features Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is in a tight race against right-wing conservative Republican Sharron Angle. The Nevada Latin Chamber of Commerce has denounced the ad. The Nevada Democratic party argues that Latinos for Reform is working to elect Angle, who "has an interest in suppressing the Latino vote ... rooted in the extreme anti-Hispanic agenda she's established." The president of Latinos for Reform, Robert Desposada, was once was the director of Hispanic affairs for the Republican National Committee. The group ran similar racially-loaded, Spanish-language election ads in 2008 that said that then presidential candidate Obama put the interests of African-Americans ahead of those of the Hispanic community, and that he prioritized relations with African countries over those in Latin America.


Don't matter who sucks the most - Dems or GOPers. Only thing to do is VOTE. Not voting is directly remaining inactive and surrendering control to whoever. It is absolutely unbelievable that someone had the unmitigated gall to propose and then execute this strategy which is essentially a giant F*** you to the Latino community by advertising to the entire world that they think Latinos are stupid enough to fall for this. I am not even Latino and I am insulted by the hubris of such an act. But you know at this point I am getting so disgusted with humanity that I almost think if it does work then we all deserve what we get because we cannot be helped.

And the people they voted for didn't reform like they promised, and the Republicans promise to do the opposite kind of reform, then they have limited choice.

Is it really a vote when the Dem's say "We will do X" and then do 'Y' and the Rep's say "We will fix Y" and then 'Y' it up some more?

I think they should vote for Angle because if she promises to close the border then as soon as she get's in, she's going to fire all the border patrol and NOT arrest employers that way they can deport/detain the immigrant workers one at a time and get contributions from the employers and imprison Americans for resorting to desperate measures to make ends meet because their jobs were looted.