BP "Photoshopped" Gulf Response Pictures

BP Cockpit photoBP officials have admitted that members of its staff manipulated official images posted on its Gulf of Mexico Response Web site, and promised to stop the practice. The most recent photo, apparently taken from inside a helicopter cockpit, was altered to make it look as though the helicopter was flying. Savvy photo observers, though, saw part of a building that looked like a control tower in the upper left window of the cockpit, and gauges showed the door was open and a parking brake was engaged. Anomalies in the photo were identified by a reader of Gizmodo.com, a technology news Web site. Other photos were found to have been doctored as well. A photo taken at BP's Houston office showed a team of employees meeting in front of a large projection screen. The screen was blank in the original photo, but the photo was edited to add an image on the screen. BP officials explained that the photo had been edited to "ensure the detail on the projection screen could be seen" by readers. In another photo, employees are shown sitting in front of a bank of video screens containing views of underwater operations around the blown-out well. In the original photo, three of the screens were blank, but in the faked photo the three screens were filled in with images.


Here's an ironic parallel I see. They could have gotten away with it if it was done with skill, by someone with enough knowledge. But I've seen a few shots and it's pretty clumsy.

So this seems like their drilling perhaps? Just because one can afford a tool doesn't mean one can use it correctly or with skill or for the "right" purposes.

Frankly I also see this taking place via the heavy-handed-enforcement 4th branch of our govt. which is above the law. Because they can spy on us they do. Because they have guns, they shoot at whatever. Since they hold a hammer, everything is a nail. But their judgement, critical thinking abilities, and ability to communicate and share, often seem sorely lacking.

Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper just wrote a column touching on this: SWAT and the Drug War: License to Kill.

I cannot believe BP would actually go as far as to fake these pictures. It gives me shivers when I think of these large companies taking measures such as these. Nevertheless, that was an interesting read. Thanks


it doesn't sound like these pics are faked in any way that is too misleading.... but one has to wonder what else they're faking. I shudder to think.