Trijicon to Stop Putting Biblical References on Gun Sights

Trijicon, which manufactures gun sights used by the U.S. Military, responded to international outcry and Pentagon concerns by saying it will immediately stop engraving biblical references on gun sights it sells to the military, and will provide the military with 100 free kits to remove existing biblical codes from guns it has already purchased. Guns in the military that currently carry the religious inscriptions may number in the tens of thousands. The Al Jazeera news service in Afghanistan reported that guns bearing Christian references had been provided to some Afghan troops, and that this would provide the Taliban is a propaganda coup. Trijicon, which boasts of its Christian roots on its Web site, has an ongoing contract with the U.S. Marine Corps worth $600 million.


It's easy-any corporate entity that endangers US interests or US soldiers by it's conduct should be removed from the pool of organizations able to bid on gov't contracts.

Just numbers and letters, look at all the Christian signs and inscriptions at our nation capital, I can find letters and numbers in different books and serial numbers.
Get a life, more politically correct rambling.

Christian biblical references carved into gun sights being used on the U.S. military weaponry carry far more significance than simple numbers and letters. They represent Christian religious zeal in a place that is entirely inappropriate, strategically and legally. The strict separation of church and state is not only desirable for the safety of American troops to avoid any appearance of a "holy war," but it is the law. The military is a taxpayer-funded institution, and thus must remain strictly neutral in matters of religion. This is required to avoid any appearance of government endorsing one religion over another, or endorsing theism over non-theism.

Anne Landman

There is nothing at all wrong with putting Biblical references on these scopes. This country was founded on God and the Bible. Our Founding Fathers dedicated the United States of America to God. So what is wrong with this? Nothing at all. We are fighting to defend our country. So why not do it for God. The one this country was dedicated to.

Simply more liberal babbling. The last thing they want to do is to admit what the roots or this country were based on.